arT spoke after the loss about what FURIA needs to do better

arT: "We need to be more aware of the situations we are playing"

FURIA's IGL spoke after the loss.

FURIA's struggles continue on the big stage as they were eliminated at the hands of HEROIC this morning. The loss prompted FURIA Co-Owner Andre Akkari to speak about potential changes to the squad.

After the loss against HEROIC, Andrei "arT" Piovezan spoke with Anastasija "Heccu" Tolmačeva on the broadcast to give an exit interview where the IGL explained the 11-11 round which ultimately ended up costing the match, how the squad handled losing advantages, and what they are going to do to prepare before their next LAN.

You can watch the full conversation on ESL's YouTube which is linked at the bottom of the article.

This is where the journey ends for FURIA. We should address the situation that happened on the last map with a score of 11-11. Did you have a read or a feeling that there was a stack on A that you were about to run into?

I think they smoked monster at the last second, so there was a smoke CT there for the last minute, so we thought it was going to be a B stack, so we tried to get the A player lurking and just run A, but I think they just stacked A.

When it comes to this series overall, were you planning that you would go to all three maps or hoping you could close it on the second map.

We had a shot on Overpass, I think on Nuke we lost some key rounds on T-side and only managed to get four rounds. We lost pistol on CT, which is really hard to come back from. I think after the first gun round we just lost it and went to Overpass. I think Overpass was close, we lost some leads on CT side where we could have had a very good CT-side. I think it was three rounds, a 2v1, a 4v3, a 4v2 as well. I think these key rounds make all the difference on the CT-side when you are scrambling for rounds. We even managed to get 11-11 which is a tough sight.

You have a little time until the next tournament, what are you going to try and improve in?

I think we need to be more aware of the situations we are playing. We had great advantages in all the games we played and could have finished several maps. We had a lead on Vertigo [against MOUZ], where we made a comeback, and it could have been 2-0, but we lost the third map. Today we could have had a way bigger lead of Overpass, but we lost some key rounds playing with advantages. We need to reset our minds and stay more aware of these situations because they cost some important rounds that are key to breaking the economy and guaranteeing the advantage on the most favorable side.

FURIA are set to play in the GET Rio event later this April where they will face fellow South American squad 9z.

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