It was not the best showing from FURIA

FURIA eliminated in Chengdu

A rough showing for the Brazilians in China.

FURIA have been sent packing in China after they were just one round away from playoffs against MOUZ in their match yesterday. The match ended in brutal fashion for the Brazilians as it was the second failed comeback in as many days, and this time, it meant elimination for the organization. HEROIC will stay alive in the competition now and face G2 tomorrow for a shot at the playoffs.

Starting on HEROIC's pick of Ancient, the Brazilians held strong, keeping the Danes to only four T-sided rounds in the first half. FURIA was able to close out the match, winning the second-half pistol and using that momentum to secure a 13-6 map victory. Andrei "arT" Piovezan was the man of the hour, as his 20 kills and 1.69 HLTV Rating were the best of the bunch on the server.

FURIA were unable to convert their own pick of Nuke with HEROIC winning dominantly, just like the Brazilians did on Ancient. While FURIA did get it started with a pistol win, HEROIC would win the next seven rounds and eventually take an 8-4 defensive lead at the half. However, it was the second-half pistol win which pushed the Europeans over the edge as they would close out the map 13-6.

Finally, Overpass was a competitive map through and through. FURIA started with a decent CT-side, but HEROIC's T-side gave them the advantage heading into the second half. FURIA were only able to get seven rounds on the defense and it would ultimately mean their downfall. Despite mounting a comeback on their T-side that would tie it up at eleven, FURIA were unable to convert the final two rounds which included running the down the clock and into a gamble stack.

FURIA have now been eliminated from IEM Chengdu and will focus their energy on GET Rio which will begin later this month.

2 - 1
All maps
HEROIC K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Guy 'NertZ' Iluz 48 - 38 +10 78.8 71.0% 1.17
Damjan 'kyxsan' Stoilkovski 42 - 42 +0 79.6 72.6% 1.12
Denmark René 'TeSeS' Madsen 43 - 44 -1 78.1 74.2% 1.05
Denmark Nico 'nicoodoz' Tamjidi 39 - 40 -1 70.0 69.4% 1.03
Denmark Rasmus 'sjuush' Beck 34 - 37 -3 61.1 69.4% 0.93
FURIA K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Brazil Kaike 'KSCERATO' Cerato 37 - 40 -3 77.0 71.0% 1.07
Brazil Yuri 'yuurih' Santos 40 - 45 -5 83.4 74.2% 1.04
Brazil Andrei 'arT' Piovezan 42 - 45 -3 74.8 72.6% 1.02
Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo 38 - 37 +1 60.5 67.7% 1.01
Brazil Marcelo 'chelo' Cespedes 39 - 43 -4 66.2 64.5% 0.93

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