Counter-Strike 2 smashes another player count record post-Major

Counter-Strike is dead, they said.

With the 2024 PGL Copenhagen Major coming to an end, Counter-Strike 2 has broken another player record as 1,618,685 players logged onto the game late Sunday evening, according to SteamDB. This comes off the back of a successful March where 1,525,069 played on March 9th and even beating out the February record of 1,347,519 players.

Counter-Strike might have also seen a boost in the playerbase following a highly successful Major which saw more than 1.8 million people tune in as they watched Natus Vincere pull out a nailbiting win over FaZe.

While CS2 still has a number of flaws since launch, Valve have been indisputably hard at work improving their flagship title. Recent updates have focused on improving in-game performance, fixing bugs, and updating the overall game experience. While concerns are still present about cheating within CS2, it has seemingly had a minimal effect on players deciding to launch the game.

Unfortunately, the most recent exploit found within the game has essentially given players wallhack abilities in-game. FACEIT swiftly responded to the exploit by handing out two-year bans for anyone caught using the exploit. As for regular matchmaking, its unknown how Valve will respond beyond patching out the exploit.

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