CSGOEmpire Cup organizer cuts ties after Major incident

Fortuna Esports have immediately cut ties with the disgraced betting company.

Fortuna Esports, the tournament organizer behind the CSGOEmpire Cup, have announced that they have cut all ties with the gambling website, effective immediately. The severing of ties with the now disgraced betting website comes after a shocking day which saw CSGOEmpire's owner, Monarch, allegedly fund rioters to storm the stage at the PGL Major Copenhagen in a bizaree act of protest against G2's former ties with betting website CSGORoll.

In an X post, Fortuana Esports described the events as shocking and as a result they would no longer be providing an services to CSGOEmpire nor facilitate their event. The CSGOEmpire Cup was set to be a $50k online European event featuring teams from across the tier two and tier three scene. However, immediately after the incident at the Major, the event quickly became untenable as multiple casters and teams pulled out of the event while voicing disgust with CSGOEmpire's actions.

Fortuna Esports' Head of Esports & Marketing also provided Dust2.us with a brief comment confirming Fortuna Esports has severed all ties with CSGOEmpire while also expressing shock at the events and thankfulness that no one was hurt.

Despite CSGOEmpire being left without a tournament organizer, teams, or casters for the event, Monarch is still insistent on hosting the event, making unlikely promises that they will raise the prizepool to $500k, while finding new amateur teams and a new TO that would still want to be affiliated with them.

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March 30, 2024 01:06AM
Say what you will about the gambling scene but CSGO Roll is just doing their thing like so many others. This Monarch guy has posts going back to 2020 about them. He needs to be checked out or something. Just seems unhinged.
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