A movement of mass psychosis has promised further disruptions

CSGOEmpire affiliated accounts threaten further disruptions

After promoting and allegedly funding the criminal trespass earlier today, CSGOEmpire are allegdly backing further disruptions.

Following the storming of the PGL Major Copenhagen stage by rioters affiliated with now disgraced betting website CSGOEmpire, the website and its followers have announced plans for further disruptions directed at G2 and PGL.

The first of such threats comes from an account on X under the tag @xperthino. xperthino, who is an X verified affiliate of CSGOEmpire, released a video with individuals in masks who go on a tirade against G2 and Killian, the alleged owner of betting site CSGORoll. In the video the individuals claim that G2 and "Killian" stole money from them and that as a result they will "come for him" and that incidents like the stage storming at the Major will "never stop" and "will keep happening"."

A second tweet from an account called "Jofa's Network of Sinners Active Search Team", which was retweeted by CSGOEmpire claims, "we are just getting started," while the video alludes to the Royal Arena and the stage storming incident earlier today.

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