The events of tonight contributed to those decisions

Teams, casters withdraw from CSGOEmpire Cup after Major interruption

So far a few teams have already voiced their upsetment.

Just earlier this week, CSGOEmpire announced that several teams had been invited to their upcoming $50,000 cup event happening right after the Major. Now, it appears that the teams are already pulling out out the tournament following the events of tonight.

MOUZ NXT coach Tobias "TOBIZ" Theo posted, "Yeah aint gonna play this now..." while SINNERS CEO Moritz Straube also stated, "Fuck your tournament, we're out you fucking scumbags."

The two teams had been invited to the play in the event from earlier this week. CSGOEmpire facilitated an interruption earlier this evening during the MOUZ v. G2 match, where individuals rushed the stage, causing a disruption to play as well as damaging the trophy.

One of the casters for the event, Travis "Trav" Landaw Mott, was scheduled to cover the event, but will no longer do so. "I would like to make clear that I was contacted about the CSGO Empire Cup over a month ago to cast their event, including the grand final." He said in a post on X. "As a result of tonight’s events I will be pulling out with immediate effect."

It is unknown if more teams will withdraw from the event or what the status of the event will be going forward.

Following the publication of this article, has been informed that casters Teo Siard, Cole "xner" McHenry, and Roope "Nexus" Väänänen have already withdrawn from the event. Additionally, Nexus Gaming will no longer attend.

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