Strong Legs coaching District 7 at Fragadelphia 11

Strong Legs announces switch to VALORANT

Like many others, the Canadian hopes to find a brighter future in Riot's FPS.

Roy "Strong Legs" Ahad has announced that he will be "taking a step back from CS:GO" in order to focus on VALORANT.

As a player, Strong Legs is most known for his time with MDL sides Insomnia, Premier Rejects, and Good People, with his best finish in the division being 5-8th in Season 24. More recently, he helped bring Russian Street Party from Open to Advanced in the span of three seasons, most notably notching an upset victory over Rugratz while they were still in Main.

At the end of 2017 he turned his attention towards commentating, starting by hosting five of his own cups in partnership with Swarmio. He went from playing in MDL Season 26 to commentating MDL Season 27, and also won the first iteration of ESEA's Next Big Caster competition, earning the right to commentate that season's Global Challenge.

He also was part of the broadcast team for MDL Season 28, but about a month after its conclusion, he was handed a one year ban by ESEA for placing bets on matches in the league. While the Canadian admitted to placing the bets, he denied any wrongdoing.

While the ban expired in mid-2019, he has not appeared on an ESEA broadcast since though he did commentate ESL Pro League Season 9 Relegation. He has primarily done commentary for WINNERS League since, being part of the broadcast team for all four seasons in both North America and Europe.

In VALORANT, Strong Legs has participated in numerous online cups, though has yet to find huge success. He was a founding member of Pretty Boyz, a team which featured fellow CS:GO alumni Bryce "PureR" Lovell and Andy "Andersin" Collins, but left after less than a month. That roster has since gone through numerous changes, and has been signed by XSET.

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