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Walco's Mother: "There's no more EG team except for playoffs"

EG really is dead.

In probably one of the more damning indications that Evil Geniuses' time in Counter-Strike might be coming to an end, the mother to current IGL of the squad has spoken out on Twitch. In a comment made during the Evil Geniuses vs. Nouns first round match of the ESL Challenger League Season 46 playoffs, Colby "Walco" Walsh's mother spoke a bit about the team's current situation. Walco's mother uses the name "Mama_Walco" on Twitch and has been independently verified by To see the chat for yourself, you can go to 1:06:00 in the ESLCS B twitch stream from last night.

Hext has already left. There's no more EG team except for playoffs. They haven't been practicing with Wiz as the stand-in

The comment came as casters Austin "Boggs" Bogdanovich and Nate "Pineapple Philips" Jensen spoke about the performance of Nouns against Evil Geniuses while the chat was talking about the potential future of the squad. It was in response to one commenter suggesting that the team would pick up two players if they did not stick with Jerric "wiz" Jang, who is the temporary fifth while in the ECL playoffs.

Evil Geniuses has been on a rapid decline in the past several months. Reports have emerged that the organization is prepared to leave the entire esports scene by the end of the year. Within the last several weeks the Seattle organization has already pulled out of Dota 2, withdrawn from League of Legends and released their VALORANT Game Changers roster.

As for Counter-Strike, the future remains unclear in regards to the squad. No official statements have been made from the organization, but Timothy "autimatic" Ta has already stated his intention to leave the organization following the expiration of his contract by the end of the year.

Evil Geniuses are expected to play tonight in what might be their last ever game as an esports organization against Badass in the lower bracket of the ESL Challenger League playoffs.

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December 6, 2023 03:00PM
We been know it's a dead team
#2(With 1 replies)
December 6, 2023 07:07PM
Mama Walco always a real one
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December 7, 2023 09:04AM
Yeah, she's great.
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