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PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Americas RMR location announced

Back to Monterrey, baby.

Today, PGL announced the location of the Regional Major Ranking events, which will happen from February 14th until March 4th. The North American teams that qualify for the Americas RMR will travel to Monterrey, Mexico to meet their South American counterparts.

The European RMR will be hosted in Bucharest, Romania, while the Asian RMR is set to take place in Shanghai, China. Although the location for the American competition is the same as it was for the Paris Major, the European event will return to Romania after the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 European RMRs were hosted there.

The Americas RMR will be the last one to happen out of the three. Europe will know its representatives for the first major held in Copenhagen after February 24th, Asia will follow just four days after, while teams from the Americas will play from March 1st until March 4th. The European RMR will run from February 14th until the 24th, and 17 teams will qualify for the major, while the Asian RMR will go from February 26th until the 28th and qualify just two teams.

The Americas retains its five spots after Liquid lost its core following Josh "oSee" Ohm's departure. This also means that the Legends spot returns to the region and that the format which was supposed to change due to Liquid's pivot towards Europe will actually not be changed at all. The Americas RMR will see eight North American teams meet eight South American teams battle for five spots in the Copenhagen Major.

With Liquid losing its core from the past major, this will be the path a North American team will have to take to reach the Major:

  • #1 Open Qualifier - 4 teams qualify for Closed Qualifier (Jan 8th-9th)

  • #2 Open Qualifier - 4 teams qualify for Closed Qualifier (Jan 10th-11th)

  • NA Closed Qualifier - Top 8 NA teams invited + 8 OQ; 8 go to RMR (Jan 12th-14th)

  • Americas RMR - 8 from NA CQ + 7 from SA CQ + FURIA; Top 5 go to Major (Mar 1st-4th)

FURIA is the only team that is already qualified for the Americas RMR after being present in the Legends stage of the Paris Major. Liquid could have been there as well, but due to changing the core of players since Paris, they will need to battle through the open qualifiers. Of the five teams going to Copenhagen, only one will go directly to the Elimination stage (old Legends stage), while the remaining four will play in the Opening stage (old Challengers).

The Americas RMR will happen from March 1st until March 4th. You will be able to follow the journey of the North American teams on, from the beginning of the road to Copenhagen until the very last round played by an NA player.

  • Americas RMR - Mexico Monterrey (Mar 1st-4th)

  • European RMR - Bucharest (Feb 14th-24th)

  • Asian RMR - Shanghai (Feb 26th-28th)

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#1(With 1 replies)
December 6, 2023 12:21PM
With that will the rmr keen the 16 team format? I saw liquidpedia had the rmr reduced to 8 teams last time I checked
#2(With 0 replies)
December 6, 2023 05:30PM
Liquipedia is currently incorrect, it should be a 16 team event again.
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