autimatic needs some time away from the game

autimatic to take break after EG contract expiration

Sitting out for a bit.

NRG has announced their new North American Counter-Strike roster without a player many expected to have been part of the project — Timothy "autimatic" Ta. The rifler has continued to showcase his ability at the international level despite the organization's overall poor performance in 2023. Many expected the rifler to be part of the new NRG project, but as reported, he turned down the opportunity.

In a statement to HLTV, autimatic said "My contract with EG ends in January and I feel it’s best that I take a short 1-3 month break from competing so that I’m able to give my next team my best."

The player's contract with Evil Geniuses expires by the end of the year which leaves him free to explore all options and not be hampered by a potential transfer fee. That is not currently in the player's mind at this moment. autimatic has chosen to take a break from competition and rest before choosing his next team.

Given that the 2024 PGL Copenhagen Major ends by April 1st, autimatic might perfectly time his availability with any teams searching for new firepower following the Major cycle.

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November 29, 2023 12:52PM
Player breaks are for the best especially for CS players
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