ECL Season 46 NA Playoffs in full swing; Take Flyte and Mythic eliminated

EG and Unjustified have dropped to the lower bracket.

The ESL Challenger League Season 46 North American Playoffs are in full swing and there are two casualties worthy of note. Take Flyte and Mythic, who had finished the regular season in 9th and 10th, respectively, have already been eliminated after losses against FLUFFY AIMERS and Badass. On the upper bracket, Evil Geniuses and Unjustified also started their campaign with losses against Nouns and Party Astronauts, respectively.

This season's playoffs have a different format than what players are used to. The Top 2 teams, M80 and BOSS, advanced directly to the upper bracket semifinals; from #3 to #6, teams qualified for the upper bracket quarterfinals; from the 7th seed until the 10th, teams go to the lower bracket round of 16, where a single loss from then on puts them out of contention.

Party Astronauts took quick care of Unjustified with a 13-5 Nuke and a 13-2 Vertigo. The vice-champions of Fragicago 2023 couldn't get anything going after a good showing in the local LAN. Nouns started off strong against EG with a 13-4 Vertigo, but it seemed like the Seattle-based organization had some life in them as they were close to taking the second map of Ancient, but a second-half comeback from Nouns sent the map to OT where they closed it 16-14 and sent EG to the lower bracket.

On the lower bracket first series, Take Flyte started off with an Inferno 13-10 win against FA, but it was not enough as they could not contain the duo of Diego "sacrifice" Camacho and Israel "LEARSI" Vargas as they propelled FA to a 13-8 Ancient and a 13-9 Mirage wins. Mythic would follow Take Flyte on the way out, even with Jake "Stewie2K" Yip standing in for Nicholas "hate" Young, as they couldn't take a single map from Badass, who are coming off as Fragicago's champions. Badass won 13-10 in Nuke and 13-6 in Vertigo.

Upper Bracket

  • United States Unjustified 0-2 Party Astronauts United States

  • United States Evil Geniuses 0-2 Nouns United States

Lower Bracket

  • United States FLUFFY AIMERS 2-1 Take Flyte United States

  • United States Badass 2-0 Mythic United States

With these results, today's series, starting at 08:00PM, are as follows:

Upper Bracket

  • M80 vs. Party Astronauts United States

  • United States BOSS vs. Nouns United States

Lower Bracket

  • United States Unjustified vs. FLUFFY AIMERS United States

  • United States Evil Geniuses vs. Badass United States

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