Badass win Fragicago!

Unjustified go home.

Badass completed an improbable run as they were took down two favorites of the competition, MIGHT and BOSS, en-route to a 2-0 demolition of Unjustified in the Grand Final. This is just another one of several Fragadelphia events that Badass can list on their resume, having previously won Fragadelphia 17: Fullerton #2.

Badass seemed to be in the driver's seat in their matches against MIGHT and BOSS. MIGHT and Badass had duked it out throughout three maps, with MIGHT taking an early lead after capturing Anubis 13-10. Badass would come roaring back as they took Mirage 13-10 and the Ancient 13-6.

Against BOSS, Badass would take the initial advantage when they won Mirage 13-10, just to see BOSS respond on Nuke 13-6. The final map saw BOSS come from behind to force an overtime, just for Badass to close it out to secure their spot in the finals.

Meanwhile, Unjustified also continued their startlingly good form as they completed a 2-1 win over LAG to reach their final. It wasn't smooth sailing all the time, however. While Unjustified won Anubis, LAG responded on Ancient with a dominant 13-1 map win to tie the series up. Vertigo was also a stressful map as the two sides needed overtime to settle it, with Unjustified coming out the victor.

The Grand Final did not have nearly the same amount of drama as the semifinals, as Badass cruised to a comfortable 13-6, 13-11 victory over Unjustified. The squad were able to win despite a crowd clearly rooting against them. Badass remains a controversial team due to repeated inappropriate actions. While players have attempted to improve their image, the community has remained apprehensive.

The final standings for Fragicago are:

#1. Badass - $5,500
#2. Unjustified - $2,500
#3-4. BOSS - $1,000
#3-4. LAG - $1,000
#5-8. KARI
#5-8. MIGHT
#5-8. Revel
#5-8. Supernova

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