arcade on Unjustified's ECL success: "It's been pretty surprising"

arcade is riding the wave that Unjustified caught recently.

Unjustified have started their Counter-Strike 2 era with a bang, surpassing everyone's expectations after going from a 11th-12th finish during ESL Challenger League Season 45 and facing relegation to a top three final position just behind M80 and BOSS during the ongoing Season 46. At Fragicago 2023, the squad has not been intimidated by the LAN environment and are now in the finals.

Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore talked with John "arcade" Rogel precisely about his ability to stay calm and collected on a LAN environment, his recent rise to success domestically, and the team's performances during the CS2 era.

Please note that the full interview can be found below on YouTube, while the transcript has some key snippets from their conversation.

When we talked to Cyrix earlier, yesterday, he mentioned the fact that having you on the team has been a boost to the squad because you have a lot of LAN experience compared to them. One thing I found really interesting is this is actually your first season of the ESL Challenger League. Considering this has been something you have tried to attain in a while, how does it feel to find such rapid success in ECL in your first season?

Honestly, it's been pretty surprising. I would say the results speak for themselves. I think a lot came to CS2, to be honest, you know, new game, some people still have bad habits from the old game type thing, I don't know. It's nice to win.

At some point, you had a negative reputation, and having found success recently, do you think your reputation is starting to change in the community and how does that feel?

I think for myself it was more of like "you just have to push through it" and change that rep by action and doing something about it, instead of complaining about it or saying it's other people's fault because that a lot of people do that sometimes. I have just been trying to do better as a player and as a person and I think I have been doing that.

I think you have found so much more success on LAN compared to online in your career. You often see the opposite with NA players, is there something about your personality that has made you more successful on LAN compared to online?

The thing that I have tried to really practice and hone is playing consistently and having a consistent thought process for how I want to play. I think a lot of people think that LAN vs. online is a completely different thing and it's really not, I think it's more just how you want to play and how your team wants to play. A lot of people get in on their heads and they can't focus on the right things, so I try to stay focused on what I can do and what my team can do to win the game.

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