MIGHT out, BOSS and Badass move on at Fragicago!

A recap from Day 2.

It was another long day at Fragicago yesterday as matches continued well into the night following an exhausting Day 1 which saw technical issues push the competition well through to 2:00 AM local time.

The playoffs finally started with many first-round contests almost going exactly as predicted. There were clean sweeps abound as no match went to a decider, with seven out of the eight matches seeing the higher seed prevail. Revel took down NuTorious, making it the only upset seen at that stage.

It was the next round where the matchups became even closer. Due to the seeding it became inevitable that MIGHT and Badass, two favorites from the North American scene, would have to meet up before the semifinals. MIGHT and Badass duked it out throughout three maps, with MIGHT taking an early lead after capturing Anubis 13-10. Badass would come roaring back as they took Mirage 13-10 and the Ancient 13-6.

A tough ending for MIGHT, who continue to be a surprise package and are expected to make further in roads in the NA scene. They exit Fragicago in 5th-8th place, a finish below what they hoped to get.

In the other matchups, we saw Unjustified continue their dominant form in Counter-Strike 2 as they took down Revel 2-0. As a reward for their win, they will play LAG in the semifinals, who would advance after they defeated KARI 2-1. LAG, winners of the Mustache Masters over FlyQuest RED, will at least make it into the Top 4. Finally, BOSS unsurprisingly took down Supernova 13-10, 13-3 as they book a matchup against Badass in the most exciting semifinals game so far.

You can visit the challonge page to see the full breakdown of each game and the entire bracket.

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