timbermen felled as lineup banned for a year on ESEA

ESEA has joined FACEIT in banning the now-notorious team along with a number of their former teammates.

ESEA have banned timbermen and a number of their former teammates for a year in response to widespread inappropriate and offensive behavior on and off of their platform.

ESEA's response follows FACEIT's indefinite ban of the lineup from their platform following a widespread outcry against the team in the community including Liquid star Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski and Natus Vincere's Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev.

The yearlong ban is ESEA's latest sanction against the lineup, with the infamous squad already boasting multiple bans among themselves for racism, threatening, and malicious activity over the past three years. Recently, their former teammate and pseudo coach Jake "eptima" Allen was banned for ten years after dodging a yearlong malicious activity ban.

Following their FACEIT bans, a number of timbermen players in classic NA tradition have released TwitLongers apologizing for their actions and expressing their desire to continue playing CS:GO.

It is worth nothing that Ethan "reck" Serrano was not banned alongside his former teammates. Following their initial bans from FACEIT reck disavowed the team's actions in a TwitLonger while also saying he does not "partake in that kind of humor".

One of the major implications of this ban is that any chance of timbermen rebuilding their lineup have been dashed, as every single member of their Season 35 lineup with the exception of Hunter "florgy" Coulson is ineligible to play this season. As a result of their ineligibility, timbermen's sole win against SKDC will be overturned while their remaining matches will be forfeited.

The complete list of banned players is as follows:

  • United States Wyatt "snav" Phillippi
  • United States Shane "shane" Dressler
  • United States Derek "dare" Brown
  • United States Kyle "KEL" Murray
  • United States Bryan "HavoK" Kuzawinski
  • United States Jake "bddu" Gartin
  • United States Sean "Zevro" Hartnett
  • United States "FLUSH"

With timbermen out of the picture, ESEA Premier Season 36 is set to continue tonight.

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