fl0m and Mythic are one of the last minute additions for Mythic Invite League

Mythic Invite League swaps three; Mythic, Big Chillin, and Rise are in

The MDL leaders enter the fray.

As the beginning of Mythic Invite League approaches, the announced roster of teams that will be participating has shifted thanks to VALORANT.

With Bad News Bears and Swole Patrol disbanding and some Way 2 French members turning their attention to VALORANT, the league was left three teams short. As a result, Big Chillin, Rise, and Mythic have been added to round out the field.

Both the Big Chillin and Rise rosters currently sit near the top of ESEA Advanced, with Big Chillin currently 6-0 and tied for first with RBG, another Mythic Invite League roster. Rise have lost just one game at 4-1, good enough to be tied for third with ImPerium, also a Mythic Invite League squad.

Mythic are perched atop MDL with a 6-2 record. They currently share that spot with Swedish Canadians, who are in Group A.

The groups for Mythic Invite League are now:

Group A Group B
United States Chaos United States AA
Infinity United States ImPerium
United States Morning Light United States Thunder Logic
Brazil oNe United States Triumph
United States Supernova United States Under 21
Canada Swedish Canadians Brazil Yeah
Group C Group D
United States Big Chillin Big Frames
United States Mythic United States Keep the Comms Up
United States New England Whalers United States Polar Ace
United States Recon 5 Canada RBG
United States Springroll Rise
United States Warriors International Rugratz

Mythic Invite League is all set to start on May 24th.

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Mythic in their own tournament pog
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