Faint to Advanced Grand Finals over Thunder Logic

Two days after losing to Recon 5, JazzPimp's side have been knocked out of contention for the automatic MDL spot.

After being edged out in a deciding map on Mirage earlier this week, Thunder Logic have ended their Advanced playoffs run in third after losing another three-map series, this time to Faint.

Thunder Logic began the series with a dominant victory on Nuke, with Nathan "rabbit"  Beale's 1v1 getting them started off on the right foot. Despite Damian "droid" Boulware winning a 1v2 in the latter part of the first half, Thunder Logic stormed to a 12-3 lead at the end of their CT half. Faint would only net themselves one further round before Thunder Logic secured Nuke 16-4.

On Dust 2, Faint clawed their way back into the series with an impressive 16-12 victory. Damian "droid" Boulware notched another 1v2, with his efforts paying off this time around as the team started to build momentum. After losing the final round of the first half, Faint's hopes began to dwindle as Thunder Logic quickly ran ahead into a 12-8 lead., but they were able to stabilize and eventually took the map 16-12.

Things got off to an exciting start on the final map, with Nolan "bite" Hunstad coming close to winning a 1v4 in the pistol round until rabbit was able to defuse the bomb shortly before being knifed. However it wasn't long until Faint picked up their first round, as they were able to win the following force buy. Following this, droid's side went into their CT half with a 10-5 lead, and were able to take the map across the line 16-10 in their favor.

Notable performances on either side came from Thunder Logic's Andy "Andersin" Collins, who finished the series with 73 kills to his name, and Danny "cxzi" Strzelczyk with 64, with the two players ending with ratings of 1.40 and 1.27 respectively.

Thunder Logic
1 - 2
All maps
Thunder Logic K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Andy 'Andersin' Collins 73 - 49 +24 101.8 74.3% 1.40
Canada Sean 'Inseaniac' Morrison 63 - 46 +17 90.1 67.6% 1.33
United States Bryce 'PureR' Lovell 52 - 56 -4 72.7 62.2% 0.92
United States Nathan 'rabbit' Beale 38 - 50 -12 60.2 68.9% 0.86
United States Dominick 'JazzPimp' Dimpfel 27 - 56 -29 42.2 59.5% 0.54
Faint K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Danny 'cxzi' Strzelczyk 64 - 49 +15 93.4 70.3% 1.27
United States Nolan 'bite' Hunstad 61 - 48 +13 78.5 73.0% 1.21
Canada Sterling 'sterling' Allard 51 - 53 -2 78.8 58.1% 1.02
United States Damian 'droid' Boulware 43 - 45 -2 62.2 74.3% 1.01
Canada London 'welly' Purdy 37 - 58 -21 59.1 66.2% 0.78

Faint now move on to the Grand Final, with an MDL spot awaiting them if they can overcome Recon 5 this Sunday evening.

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