droid is set to look for greener pastures

droid exits timbermen

After eight months, droid has left the team due to issues with the team environment.

Damian "droid" Boulware has announced his departure from timbermen, ending his time with the successful NA team. droid had been a member of timbermen since July 2022, initially joining the squad as a replacement for the underage Dwight "Calix" Nguyen.

As mentioned in his tweet on the departure, droid elected to leave timbermen of his own volition, telling Dust2.us that his departure was motivated by "recurring issues within the in game environment." When pressed for specifics, droid initially declined to go into detail as "there [was] no way to specify it without making them look bad." However, when pressed, he classified the in-game issues as "toxicity" and "griefing which made everyone upset/miserable and it would snowball."

When asked about droid's departure, timbermen's IGL, Wyatt "Snav" Phillippi, echoed the sentiment that droid's departure was voluntary, noting that the decision was mutual due to "clashing personalities/attitudes."

As such, timbermen will need to find a new fifth for ESL Challenger League Season 45 while droid will be on the hunt for a new home. On March 18th, droid was unbanned from FACEIT after a two-year cheating ban, leaving him eligible to compete in CCT and other events on the FACEIT platform.

With droid making his exit, timbermen are now:

  • United States Shane "shane" Dressler

  • United States Derek "dare" Brown

  • United States Wyatt "snav" Phillippi

  • Tianyi "Fr3nk1e" He

ESL Challenger league Season 45 begins on April 4th.

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