FURIA are ready to take charge

What to expect from FURIA v. EG Black

Evil Geniuses pulled up a switcheroo, can they now pull it out?

In both team's opening match, EG and FURIA both have an opportunity for redemption. FURIA is finding their form after a disappointing IEM Katowice and Evil Geniuses have submitted their Blueprint roster instead of the main team. With EG Black making their first appearance at a BLAST event, their chances as a dark horse are not insignificant. EG Black have been making decent waves in NA ECL standings and recently qualified for ESL Challenger Melbourne. But, it will still be an uphill battle for the Americans. FURIA are looking to show that they are favorites for a reason.

EG Back in Black?

Surprise, it's not the main team, it's the Blueprint team! EG Black are being gifted a shot at the Showdown qualifier thanks to the creative usage of the BLAST roster rules from Evil Geniuses. The team has been on an upswing in recent weeks as they're now headed to the land down under thanks to winning the ESL Challenger Melbourne Qualifier and a third place finish in ECL Playoffs.

The team has re-obtained Jadan "HexT" Postma from the Blue roster and looks like they're on track to do some damage. They come into BLAST Showdown as the biggest question mark, meaning they have the potential to surprise. The team has strong, nearly tier-one firepower in HexT and Paytyn "junior" Johnson, and it they will need to be at their peaks to take down the Brazilians.

  • Big motivation boost from earning a Melbourne berth

  • junior best American player in ECL this season

  • Nothing to lose, everything to gain

FURIA redemption arc?

FURIA have been under some heat due to unfortunate results, but they got back on track at ESL Pro League. They made their way to playoffs, and only were stopped by the eventual winners FaZe. They've shown up in spades recently, with Kaike "KSCERATO" Cerato playing as one of the, if not the best-performing rifler of 2023.

FURIA should win this match on every day ending in Y. It will be considered a disappointment if they lose to any team not named Liquid.

  • FURIA are the easy favorites for today

  • KSCERATO just needs to keep being his best

  • Fresh off a decent Pro League campaign

Likely Vetoes

The picks and bans here will be somewhat interesting as FURIA play Ancient and Anubis, while EG Black tend to avoid that and go for Overpass and Vertigo, which FURIA don't like.

  • FURIA ban Overpass

  • EG ban Anubis

  • FURIA pick Inferno

  • EG pick Vertigo

  • Decider is Nuke

It's going to be an interesting pick and ban scenario, but this should be FURIA's match in three maps.

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