Detonate lose member for RMR due to passport fiasco

An incorrect check and little time has left Detonate in a bind.

One North American team will be left struggling just a bit as Jack "micro" Ryan will be forced to cheer on his team from the sidelines after not securing a passport in time for him to leave for Monterrey, Mexico.

In a TwitLonger, micro revealed a difficult situation and culmination of events that resulted in a delayed passport which ultimately will cost his team at the event.

micro revealed that while applying for the passport, he sent in a "starter check" to pay for the fees, instead of a basic check. For those that are unaware, a starter check is a non-customized check that is meant to tide over the individual until their basic checks arrive in the mail. The starter checks are usually given when the individual opens a checking account.

The government does not accept starter checks when paying for passport fees, which micro found out a few days ago when he received a letter from the National Passport Agency stating such.

Please submit the following: A check or order in X amount for passport fees and any special postage or expedited services that you requested. Temporary and starter checks are not acceptable for passport services.

After attempting to call the State Department and National Passport Agency, micro was left with little hope as a basic check would still need to be mailed in, processed, and then agency would have to conduct their review, and ship the passport back in time. Despite the passport agency receiving an urgency notice regarding the situation, it is unlikely that the passport will be available in time.

micro even evaluated flying to Dallas for an in-person appointment, however there were no appointments available and the process was not clear if it would even solve the problem.

Given the tough situation, it appears that Detonate will be forced to use head coach Joshua "m1cks" Micks as their substitute player. m1cks will need to brush up on his DMing as he is getting into the server against Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo and Imperial next Thursday.

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March 31, 2023 12:50PM
Physical checks just seem so outdated in our modern digital world. When I applied for a passport, I went to a bank branch to get a single check printed and that remains the only check I've ever written. I've seen on the news too that passport applications are at recording breaking volumes :/
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March 31, 2023 01:03PM
welp, there goes detonates chances
but for real, can't blame micro here, honest mistake for someone that isnt experienced with this stuff, unluko
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