hallzerk will have to fight through ping issues against Imperial

Complexity star set to play on 100ms+ ping

The Norwegian AWPer is set to play with a massive handicap for the squad's Spring Showdown run.

Complexity are set to kick-off their BLAST Premier Spring Showdown run today against Imperial, a team they beat at ESL Pro League 2-1, however, this time one of their star players will be forced to play with major ping issues.

In the official Complexity discord, the team's General Manager confirmed that Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli will have to play the match on over 100ms ping. Dust2.us can confirm that hallzerk has not travelled to the US yet, whilst his teammates are set to play from Complexity's state of the art training facility in Dallas, TX.

The news will come as a worry to Complexity fans as hallzerk was the teams top performer at EPL with a 1.16 rating, which included a dominant display against Imperial. This will also be the team's last run of officials before the Americas RMR, and hallzerk's ping issues will make for than ideal practice ahead of the all-important Major qualifier.

According to Graham "messioso" Pitt, the US Embassy has held hallzerk's passport for far longer than expected and he is unable to travel to the United States for the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. Thankfully, he will be able to travel to Mexico for the RMR as the organization has something in place.

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March 31, 2023 01:07PM
i wonder in these situations, if its possible to get the players to play in portugal, to be able to get the best ping possible from EU, or maybe he can"t im not very versed in traveling to different countries
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