Grim will be hoping for the last laugh against Imperial

Complexity vs Imperial: What to expect

Familiar foes go head to head in the opening match of BLAST's Showdown.

Over the past few months, Complexity and Imperial have found themselves pitted against each other on multiple occasions. The Brazilian side led by legendary AWPer Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo dumped the North American side out of the Americas RMR for IEM Rio back in October last year. Johnny "JT" Theodosiou and co. claimed their revenge at ESL Pro League Season 17, knocking out the Brazilians in last place. Now facing off once again in single elimination format for a chance to progress to BLAST Spring Finals, we look at who has the upper hand heading into the latest installment in this rivalry and some key talking points.

Last time out

Following their success at IEM Katowice prior to EPL, many in the community had tipped Complexity to be one of the four teams to progress from Group B. Following a dismal start, the NA side landed themselves in the 8th place decider against Imperial, and on the Brazilian's map pick of Inferno, Complexity's misery continued. Getting absolutely battered 16-1, Complexity looked completely lost and Imperial appeared to be cruising through the series with ease.

After a much tighter affair on Ancient, where all 30 rounds were required and Complexity came out on top, the two sides landed on Overpass for the decider. Requiring three overtimes, Complexity eventually closed it out and sent Imperial home with a 25-23 scoreline. Both Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli and FalleN led the way for their teams across the series, demonstrating the importance of AWPing prowess for this matchup.

Imperial look to bounce back

Imperial hasn't played much Counter-Strike since losing to Complexity at EPL, with their only HLTV game being a loss on Ancient to The Union in the IEM Dallas South American open qualifier. With the RMR fast approaching, it is unclear how much Imperial will be looking to save for the Major qualifier, however, they will be hoping to put on a better display than they did against the #184th ranked team on Ancient.

  • FalleN has a 1.17 rating last three months

  • Imperial are on a four series loss streak

  • Imperial have won Inferno both times against Complexity

America needs a team in D.C

Complexity has continued to show the same pattern of fluctuating form that they did last year. Performing well at EPL season 16, the NA team would go on to miss the Major at the hands of Imperial, while a great showing at IEM Katowice was followed by an atrocious EPL season 17 display. BLAST Showdown presents a final opportunity for Complexity to qualify for one of the few NA events of the year. It is a chance that they cannot let slip by, and that starts with taking down Imperial.

  • Complexity is on a 6-map win streak on Overpass

  • Grim has a 1.12 rating last three months

  • Complexity are the bookmakers favorite

Veto possibilities

I don't expect much change from the recent veto that the two teams went through at EPL. Complexity permaban Mirage while Imperial permaban Anubis. Imperial love Inferno and Complexity took Ancient last time around. That leaves us, hopefully, with another Overpass thriller to conclude.

  • Complexity permaban Mirage

  • Imperial permaban Anubis

  • Complexity pick Ancient

  • Imperial pick Inferno

  • Overpass decider

Never failing to live up to the hype, you can catch Imperial vs Complexity on Friday at 01:30PM

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March 31, 2023 01:07PM
can't see coL winning this now
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March 31, 2023 01:58PM
imperial have col's number i'm afraid, but hoping for the best
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