100+ ping was unhelpful for the Norweigen AWPer

Complexity go down

The Brazilians have an easy victory with no overtimes for the first time against Complexity.

Over the past few months, Complexity and Imperial have found themselves pitted against each other on multiple occasions. The Brazilian side led by legendary AWPer Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo dumped the North American side out of the Americas RMR for IEM Rio back in October last year. Johnny "JT" Theodosiou and co. claimed their revenge at ESL Pro League Season 17, knocking out the Brazilians in last place. Now facing off once again in single elimination format for a chance to progress to BLAST Spring Finals, we look at who has the upper hand heading into the latest installment in this rivalry and some key talking points.

The map choices were exactly the same as the last time the two faced off, but this time things went much differently. For example, this time Complexity decided to win more than a single round on Inferno! The game got started off with Imperial taking a 4-1 lead, but it was Complexity that would not be held back on the Brazilian's pick. Their strong CT-side is what allowed them to take a 8-7 advantage heading into the break.

With Complexity now forced to attack rather than comfortably defend, they actually got their feet under them and started to run away with the game. A successful T-sided pistol meant the lead would widen to 11-7 and then to 13-9. The end of the game would get hectic as each side would consecutively change rounds until something had to give and it would be the 16th round for Complexity as they secured Inferno 16-12.

Complexity were taking the advantage to their pick of Ancient, but found struggles early on as they would lose the opening pistol. A quick 3-0 hole would be reversed with the Americans taking a 5-3 lead. However that lead would slip away as the Brazilians clawed their way back to a 8-7 first half victory.

From that point, the game was entirely in Imperial's hands. A second pistol went in favor of the Brazilians as they dominated on their T-side to bring the second map to a 16-10 victory in their favor, forcing the Overpass decider.

Overpass was a map that these two teams have constantly battled on with this match being no different. The first half was a complete domination from Imperial as they would come back from a 1-3 deficit to win ten rounds in a row to win the first half 11-4.

The second half was almost no different as a successful pistol would mean that Imperial would jump ahead 13-4, but Complexity would start to crawl back and eventually make it a 13-11 game. Imperial would finally find their ground and close out the match 16-11.

Complexity are now eliminated from the competition and will look towards the upcoming BLAST.tv Paris Major Americas RMR for their next match.

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