The squad have their backs against the wall

0-2 Nation

A tough loss for the Brazilians means they have to play in the last-place match.

A tough matchup was on the cards for Grayhound and 00 Nation and as the two one-loss teams needed a win today to ensure they would not be sent down to the gauntlet that is the last-chance bracket. With 00 Nation suffering from a lost IGL, it looked like the Brazilians would be on the back foot and it would be a chance for Australia to get their first win of the event.

Starting off on the Australian's pick of Mirage, 00 Nation were the ones to strike first, taking the pistol round. That would really be the last time of the half that the Brazilians looked competitive as Grayhound ran over Marcelo "Coldzera" David and his band of merry men en route to a 10-5 t-side half.

With the CT-side looking like a formality at that point, Grayhound wanted to bring the issue home as they widen the gap to 13-5 after the successful pistol win. However, tragedy would strike as Grayhound couldn't put it together as 00 Nation dominated on their T-side, climbing all the way back to tie it at 13-13. While Grayhound showed some life by winning the next round to make it 13-14, they couldn't close it out and would lose their map pick 16-14.

00 Nation then headed to Ancient, where they were hoping that this would be the time for them to easily bring it home and advance to play against NIP. They certainly started the map off wrong as Grayhound grabbed a quick 4-0 lead, but the Brazilians quickly recovered to make it a 10-5 t-side half on their own pick.

The second half would get interesting as the Australians tied it all up at 10-10 and started to make serious inroads towards coming all the way back. The Brazilians were having none of that, but it didnt matter. Grayhound ran rampant on their T-side, powering their way somehow to a dominant 16-12 win.

With the decider of Inferno all that separate either team from going to the last-place match and moving on for another bite at the apple, each team would leave it all out on the floor. Grayhound started with a pistol win, but would not be able to convert the following rounds, putting themselves in a 4-2 hole. They would climb out of it, however, and put the Brazilians on the back foot as they secured a 9-6 half.

00 Nation seemed to struggled against the Australians on this final map as they would lose the pistol once again, but would not be in a position to immediately respond like they did in the first half. They would eventually go down as they could only muster six rounds to lose 12-16.

00 Nation are not rid of the Aussies just yet as they will be playing Rooster in the last-chance match at 06:30AM this Saturday.

2 - 1
All maps
Grayhound K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Australia Declan 'Vexite' Portelli 73 - 59 +14 84.9 80.2% 1.31
Australia Alistair 'aliStair' Johnston 60 - 53 +7 67.6 72.1% 1.11
Australia Jay 'Liazz' Tregillgas 48 - 53 -5 70.4 77.9% 1.08
New Zealand Simon 'Sico' Williams 51 - 61 -10 67.5 68.6% 0.93
Australia Joshua 'INS' Potter 53 - 58 -5 65.9 65.1% 0.91
00NATION K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Brazil Lucas 'nqz' Soares 62 - 47 +15 72.0 75.6% 1.20
Brazil Marcelo 'coldzera' David 72 - 63 +9 87.5 72.1% 1.20
Brazil Eduardo 'dumau' Wolkmer 54 - 61 -7 78.8 73.3% 1.02
Brazil Bruno 'latto' Rebelatto 50 - 53 -3 69.8 69.8% 0.98
Brazil Leonardo 'n9xtz' Santos 44 - 65 -21 55.6 62.8% 0.75

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