Americas Road to Rio rosters finalized

The stage is set for the RMRs in Stockholm.

ESL revealed the submitted rosters for the IEM Road to Rio RMR events that were sent in by participating teams back on the 8th. These submissions give insight on the off-chance an emergency takes away one of the players ahead of the event.

Half of the 16 teams have opted to rely on the services of their coach, with only seven teams referring to an actual player in the event an emergency transpired. As for Brazil’s O PLANO, they’re heading to Stockholm without a substitute entirely.

With no coach or sixth player just in case, the starting lineup can have no out-of-server happenings to prevent them from playing otherwise they’ll be eligible for disqualification.

Perhaps the most intriguing submission of the Americas was 00 Nation’s admission of Portuguese legend Ricardo “fox” Pacheco. The 35-year-old has experience that extends beyond nearly all of the participants in this event, and is a fan favorite for many. Should his services be needed, the intrigue would certainly be high.

On the North American side, there is only one recorded substitute that isn’t a coach. Evil Genuises smartly assigned one of their ten other talents to that role, giving the nod to 21-year-old Wesley “viz” Harris. viz is a promising talent in this project, and after the successful promotion of Jadan “HexT” Postma, his appointment serves to be the correct one.

It isn’t common for teams to tap their substitute for their services, but fans can take a sigh of relief knowing their team of choice is prepared just in case. The first games of the Americas RMR take place October 5th.

The submitted substitutions are:

  • Brazil 00NATION: Ricardo "⁠fox⁠" Pacheco

  • 9z: Gustavo "⁠tge⁠" Motta

  • World ATK: Daniel “sprayxd” Kogan (coach)

  • Brazil ARCTIC: Flavio “exp” Calheiros (coach)

  • United States Complexity: Tiaan “T.c” Coertzen (coach)

  • United States Evil Geniuses: Wesley "⁠viz⁠" Harris

  • Brazil FURIA: Lucas "⁠decenty⁠" Bacelar

  • Brazil Imperial: Lincoln “fnx” Lau (coach)

  • Infinity: Stephane "⁠Guepard⁠” Cazzotes

  • Isurus: Rodrigo “pino” Manarino (coach)

  • Brazil MIBR: Bruno “BIT1” Fukuda Lima (coach)

  • United States Nouns: Carson “nosraC” O’Reilly

  • Brazil oNe: Joaquin “lokomotioN” Abasolo (coach)

  • Brazil O PLANO: No substitute

  • United States Liquid: Damian “daps” Steele (coach)

  • Brazil paiN: Gabriel "⁠nython⁠" Lino

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