First ESEA Advanced playoff matches come to a close

The first games of the ESEA Advanced playoffs have seen many favorites still going strong.

The first round of ESEA Advanced playoffs upper bracket has come to an end. The opening round has given us favorites dominating, with only one notable upset, but it has set up some interesting matchups in the lower bracket. Here's everything you need to know.

Infinity 2 - 0 Earlybirds
The first seed versus the 16th seed gave us no surprises, with the RMR attendees taking care of business with a quick 2-0 victory. If Renato "Pacman" Morales can keep up his current form, Infinity should have no problems making it through to ESL Challenger League.

Magic School Bus 2 - 0 DNA
One of the first round's upsets was a victory for Magic School Bus, the ninth seed, over DNA, the eighth seed. ShowMak3r continued his outrageous form in the two close maps, dropping 34 kills in Mirage alone to help snatch the win for his team.

Orion 1-2 Villainous Union
Twelfth-seed Villanous Union fought hard to secure victory over fifth-seed Orion. Orion claimed the first map 16-13, but Villainous Union fought back from the map deficit to convincingly lock down the next two maps, keeping the squad firmly in the upper bracket.

New Threat 0 - 2 Snakes Den
After a close affair on the first map, with it going to overtime and eventually getting closed out 19-17, Snakes Den decided enough was enough and produced fantastic Counter-Strike to win the second map of Overpass 16-9, ending their first-round matchup with a 2-0 victory.

Eros 2 - 0 LAG
Eros gave LAG a welcome to remember, dispatching the organization's debut in only two maps. Nelvin "nooz" Gonzalez had a huge second map, dropping 30 kills to take Nuke for his team 16-9.

FPL and Ellison 1 - 2 X13
FPL and Ellison's match against X13 proved to be a hard-fought one. The first two maps were relentlessly back and forth, with the two teams trading their map picks. On the third map, James "Gonzo" Madden decided to take matters into his own hands, dropping 26 kills to finish off the series 2-1 for X13.

Red Wolves 2 - 1 Limitless
After a shaky first map against the dark-horse to qualify, Limitless, Red Wolves were able to pull back the game with a close victory on Dust2 followed up by a well-rounded win on Mirage. Sam "sam" Donaldson was a huge reason the momentum was able to shift in the direction of Red Wolves, dropping 34 kills in the second map.

Take Flyte 1 - 2 Reign
Take Flyte started off swinging, not giving the favorites, Reign, an inch of breathing room as they stormed through the first map, Vertigo, to win 16-8. The victors of Vertigo would not take their foot off the gas either, pushing Reign to their limits on the next map. Despite being on the back foot, Reign showed why they are the favorites, pushing back and winning the game with two nail-biting 16-14 map victories.

With that, the next set of matches in the ESEA Advanced playoffs are set to begin tonight. Here are the matchups you can look forward to:

Upper Bracket
Infinity vs United States Magic School Bus
United States Villainous Union vs United States Snakes Den
United States Eros vs United States X13
United States Red Wolves vs United States Reign

Lower Bracket
United States Earlybirds vs DNA
United States Orion vs United States New Threat
United States LAG vs United States FPL and EllisoN
United States Limitless vs United States Take Flyte

The first of these matches are set to start soon, at 09:00PM, with the remainder kicking off throughout the course of the evening.

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