LAG sign Advanced playoffs contender

The former Philadelphia Liberty core has joined up with LAG.

Just as the North American ESEA advanced playoffs are set to begin, Jeremy "taiwi" Wang and company have joined up with LAG after a successful season where they went 8-4. The former Philadelphia Liberty core is looking to reclaim their spot in ECL after being in the top league only three seasons ago.

For the Philadelphia Liberty core, this is the second time they have made playoffs since being in ECL back in season 39. It was after their dark horse performance, almost grasping a promotion in season 40, that they were dropped by their previous organization. Now, with LAG behind them, this roster has another shot at making it into ECL for season 43.

Signing with LAG is a great move for the core, and for the organization, it is a return to Counter-Strike, with the team once fielding a European lineup headlined by British youngster Rory "cryths" Ursell. That lineup, back in 2021, was only around for about two months, and it will be interesting to see how long this roster will stay under the LAG banner.

LAG are currently:

  • United States Graham "GRAHAM" Smith

  • United States Jeremy "taiwi" Wang

  • United States Garret "garret" Henry

  • United States raw1

  • United States Otto "garfield" Netteberg

The squad will debut under LAG for their first advanced playoffs game, which starts tonight at 09:30AM against Eros.

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