The Liquid AWPer continues to perform, despite a hectic travel schedule

oSee: "I don't think any of us have really been feeling the burnout"

In a post-match interview, the Liquid AWPer talked about practice with EG, how the team is faring, and expectations for the RMR.

Liquid have stormed to a flawless run so far in Pro League, thanks to the help of Josh "oSee" Ohm who has continued to be the ever reliable AWPer for the squad since his arrival. After defeating Evil Geniuses 2-0, oSee spoke with Heccu to talk about their European travel, how the team is handling stress, practicing against Liquid, and the upcoming RMR.

We've just finished the last series of the day and Team Liquid just managed to grab another win in the pocket. oSee, congratulations you just won against EG. I wonder, just considering the fact that both teams are from the same region, but you're constantly traveling between Europe and North America, do you ever get to practice against one another?

Yeah, we do have times that we get to practice, because most of the time that we are in Europe they are usually in Europe. We have opportunities to practice, but coming into this tournament we knew that they were in our group so we tried to not practice against them as much so we don't show them our stuff.

And probably because of the upcoming RMR, too?

Yeah, yeah, exactly. We haven't scrimmed them in a while, but we do have opportunities to scrim them, we just chose not to.

In Europe you have a lot of really good teams, like in Tier 1 and even in Tier 2, but I wonder that when it comes to being here - in EPL, because I already talked to NAVI, I talked to Endpoint, they actually said that they are not practicing here on the spot because they are afraid of having a burnout. What about Liquid?

We haven't been feeling the burnout - I think we are all used to being on the road for a long time. We only had a week back at home, but even just a week at home helped a lot for me at least, personally. I don't think any of us have really been feeling the burnout - maybe that could change with the RMR coming up as well and us being away for a while again. I think the little time at home that we had helped us come back refreshed.

So far, your games have been the last games, were you guys practicing during the day to compensate for the time that you spent at home?

No, we've actually tried to preserve our energy for the late night matches, so we've been sleeping in, we've been meeting later in the afternoon, not scrimming before our matches. We've just been talking about the matches coming up and just doing individual practice, warming up, whatever you want to do to be ready for the match.

Tomorrow you have a pretty important match as you are going to play FURIA. They are another team on your level from your region. Will this be a preview of what we could expect at the RMR?

Yeah, I'm sure its going to be kind of similar. Coming into the Major, I think that most teams will put their 120% in and add a lot of new stuff to come in and surprise people. So, I can't say for sure this game will be the same thing when we go to the RMR, of course, also the RMR is in Rio so they're going to have the Brazilian homecrowd, so it's going to be a little different from here where there is no crowd. I think it's going to be a good match still.

Now, oSee might be a little confused and meant to talk about the Major and how all segments of the event will be in front of a live audience for the first time in history - not the RMR. Regardless, the RMR and the Major are shaping up to be a legitimate challenge for the Americans as they will have to battle it out against the hometown Brazilians.

Liquid play later today against FURIA at 01:30PM. Both teams have not dropped a match so far, so both enter as 2-0, but only one will continue undefeated.

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September 23, 2022 01:24PM
Good to know that the boys aren't feeling to drawn out.
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