Day two of final NA RMR qualifier comes to a close

With only eight teams remaining, the competition was at its fiercest yet.

With the best NA teams already qualified, these last two spots are in hot contention for all the remaining NA teams. Now, those have all been whittled down to just eight teams. Today, we'll witness four best-of-ones and two best-of-threes, after which, our final two shall be decided.

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07:20PM - Infinity claim upset while BHOP ends Davenport's run

The quarterfinals saw a number of upsets, with Latin American squad Infinity taking down ECL squad timbermen while Davenport's run was ended by BHOP. Meanwhile, Pete's Hookah Lounge bested X13 to continue their miracle run while oNe survived a potential upset against Unjustified.

As such, the semifinal matches look as follows:

Infinity 2-0 United States Pete's Hookah Lounge
United States BHOP 0-2 Brazil oNe

The winner of these series will clinch the last two spots in the American RMR where they'll join Complexity, Squirtle Squad, Evil Geniuses, and ATK as the qualified squads.

06:00PM - Quarterfinal matchups materialize

Only four matches in this round as we are left with eight teams in total. While not the highest seeded teams, these definitely proved their worth by beating some of the favorites.

United States timbermen 13-16 Infinity
Brazil oNe 16-13 United States Unjustified
United States BHOP 16-13 United States Davenport University
United States X13 11-16 United States Pete's Hookah Lounge

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