First day of final Americas RMR Open Qualifier wraps up

With all but two spots decided, all guns are blazing for NA teams to secure their flight tickets.

The last Open Qualifier is right on everyone's minds having ended just yesterday. Many teams performed well, but the two favorites Evil Geniuses and ATK ended up besting them all. With those two now out of the way, the path clears for two more of NA's finest to beat the rest. Will Limitless, the team which almost upset EG take one of the coveted spots? Or will one of ECL's many new additions take it for themselves?

We have a lot to see in the upcoming three days, so follow along on this live blog, or, catch us on our live stream!

10:10PM - Quarterfinal matchups materialize

With the round of 16 coming to a close, the quarterfinals are beginning to take shape. When day two of the open qualifier starts tomorrow, these are the games that will kick things off:

United States timbermen vs INFINITY
Brazil oNe vs United States Unjustified
United States BHOP vs United States Davenport University
United States X13 vs United States PETES HOOKAH LOUNGE

09:00PM - Some hot match-ups in the round of 16

Down to just 16 teams, we're narrowly approaching the point of heartbreak for some of the better teams in the bracket. We can expect closer games in this round, so stay tuned.

Some notable matches in this round include:

INFINITY 16-8 Mythic
Limitless 14-16 timbermen
oNe 16-9 Vendetta
United States Detonate 14-16 United States X13
United States Unjustified 16-12 United States Brazen
United States BHOP 16-10 United States Victorum
United States Davenport University 16-14 United States Northern Forces

08:05PM - Favorites continue to coast; PETES HOOKAH LOUNGE stumbles but doesn't fall

All the favorites made through with relative ease, although BHOP's opponent in Scoped To Ten managed to take exactly ten rounds as in their namesake. PETES HOOKAH LOUNGE had to go the full thirty against Red Wolves but scraped by just barely. As the lower ranked teams are eliminated, we'll continue to see the matches get more and more heated, here are some of the bigger ones:

BHOP 16-2 Magic Light
timbermen 16-5 Collegiate Superstars
Limitless 16-2 flyingturtles
Mythic 16-8 PUSH
Strife 16-1 MONAKA
Davenport University 16-3 spaghetti
oNe 16-4 Floripa Stars US
PETES HOOKAH LOUNGE 16-12 Spooky Squad

07:15PM - First teams eliminated; favorites up to bat

The first round of eliminations has occurred! Now, with the first matches over, we can finally see the very best in the bracket face their first opposition. Teams like Strife and timbermen will play their first matches, and while it probably won't be a tough opponent, the path to qualification is riddled with teams who thought they had an easy road.

Some notable matches in this round are:

Strife 16-3 BIGiqPLAYS
Detonate 16-1 NeverBrokeAgainEsports
timbermen 16-2 3D
Brazen 16-4 Avada Kedarva
BHOP 16-10 Scoped To Ten

06:00PM - 97 teams enter the gauntlet

The matches begin in the round of 128. Since there are only 97 teams signed up, many of the tournament's favorites like Strife, BHOP, and more will get a bye in this round. Nonetheless, this round will determine who they will come up against, and it also gives us an opportunity to highlight some of North America's more, er, creative naming schemes.

Heroic 16-2 Jason's Heroes
FreeElo 16-6 Dinkin' Donuts
Red Wolves 16-2 Bald and Brash

You can read about the previous RMR Qualifiers below.

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