UK team to compete in Fragadelphia

BLVKHVND have announced that they will be competing in the Fragadelphia 17 LCQ.

The runners-up of the recent UK LAN, EPIC.LAN, will be crossing the pond to attend the Fragdelphia 17 LCQ and hopefully the main event. BLVKHVND, an NA org with a UK roster, will be traveling to Philadelphia in September with hopes of competing against local North American teams at Fradadelphia 17.

BLVKHVND are a UK team that has been on an upward trajectory of late. In the ESL Premiership Spring 2022 tournament, they had a Cinderella run, taking a map off Endpoint and finishing 3-4th. Since then the roster, with the new addition of Tim "TIMMO" Musters, have made Main Playoffs, become a full-time salaried squad, and, led by monster performances from fragging IGL Fraser "frazehh" Sollom, claimed second place at EPIC36.

In the UK scene, there is only a handful of org-supported teams and even fewer salaried ones. In recent times there has been a trend of those teams heading to Europe to compete in LANs, such as Into the Breach at Assembly Summer in Finland and EKO at AlpenScene ROAD TO LEVEL up in Austria. BLVKHVND have taken that a step further by attending a LAN in the United States.

The Brits are following in the footsteps of fellow Europeans Apeks Rebels, who competed in Fragadelphia 16 and despite some absolutely dominant performances were unable to beat Strife in the final. With the prize pool at $100,000, it would not be surprising if other European teams announce their plans to attend the American event as registration does not end until September 7th.

The roster BLVKHVND will be attending with is:

  • Fraser "frazehh" Sollom

  • Tim "TIMMO" Musters

  • Richard "Zulu" Wood

  • Jack "DeXter" Hepple

  • Josh "JAUSTERE" Philpott

  • Cedric "Tome" Pas (Coach)

BLVKHVND will begin Fragadelphia 17 campaign on September 8th in the Last Chance Qualifier, where they will be fighting for one of the eight spots available.

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