Twitter reacts to EG potentially signing 15-man roster

The CS community pulled no punches when discussing the rumors of a potential EG overhaul.

After failing to produce any notable positive results five months into the roster’s inception, reports emerged from and Jaxon that Evil Geniuses are considering bolstering their CS:GO roster to as high as fifteen players with the potential acquisition of Carpe Diem's and Party Astronaut’s lineup.

As expected, the news spread like wildfire among the community, sparking a stir of opinions across the entire landscape. Everyone including journalists, players, team staff, and fans chimed in on Twitter to present their take on the special circumstance.

As you can see, there is a range of emotions encompassing the thoughts of everyone watching the situation at the EG camp. The potentially massive acquisition comes at a great time for the Geniuses, as they don’t have a scheduled event appearance until BLAST Premier Fall Groups in mid-August.

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