Mythic thrash Unjustified to win ESEA Advanced Season 40

The Season 40 winners only dropped one map in the playoffs.

After a hard-fought season of ESEA Advanced, Mythic stood tall as the champions of Season 40 after a dominant 3-0 over second-place Unjustified. Mythic was granted a map advantage to start the series for qualifying for the finals in the upper bracket,. Mythic's map advantage proved to be almost unnecessary as they brushed aside their opponents with relative ease over two maps.

The competition kicked off on Mythic's pick of Inferno. Already down a map, Unjustified had little room for error on their opponents' pick. Mythic immediately found success to start the T-side, going up 4-0 before Unjustified found a round. Following the first round loss, Mythic went on another steak of four rounds to establish the half win at 8-1. Unjustified managed one more round before Mythic went on a five-round run to cement the dominant 13-2 first half. The side switch did not do Unjustified any favors, as Mythic took the pistol and the two rounds that followed to end the Inferno beatdown 16-2. After getting the sense knocked out of them, Unjustified was looking at Vertigo as an opportunity to begin the reverse sweep.

Things immediately were looking better for Unjustified after winning the first two rounds on their map pick. Following the 0-2 start, Mythic ramped up their defensive efforts and went on a seven-round win streak to take back the momentum. On the verge of winning the first half on CT-side, Mythic did not relent, taking three of the next six rounds to take the first half comfortably at 10-5. Already up 2-0 with ten rounds to start the second half, Mythic was just a stone's throw away from taking the series and the season. Unjustified gave it their best effort on their CT-side half by winning five of the first eight rounds, but the lead gained in the first half was far too much to overcome. Unjustified initially slowed Mythic down on their T-side, but they eventually gathered themselves and outlasted their Unjustified's comeback efforts, clinching Vertigo 16-12 and the series 3-0.

3 - 0
All maps
Mythic K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Austin 'Cooper' Abadir 47 - 24 +23 97.2 84.8% 1.62
United States Ryan 'freakazoid' Abadir 37 - 29 +8 94.8 78.3% 1.43
United States Erik 'fl0m' Flom 38 - 26 +12 91.8 71.7% 1.33
United States Eric 'ERIC' W. 37 - 29 +8 77.7 69.6% 1.18
United States Nicholas 'hate' Young 23 - 25 -2 56.2 78.3% 0.91
Unjustified K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Andrew 'Sloopy' Church 31 - 36 -5 69.1 63.0% 0.85
United States Dennis 'Hitman' Brichko 32 - 37 -5 73.3 58.7% 0.83
United States McKinley 'Cyrix' Hollison 21 - 34 -13 66.4 67.4% 0.81
United States Kyle 'Just2EZ' Tan 26 - 36 -10 67.3 58.7% 0.81
United States Justin 'jsfeltner' Feltner 23 - 39 -16 62.7 58.7% 0.70

Although the team was efficient as a core, Mythic talent Austin "Cooper" Abadir was the player that stood out amongst his peers with a 47-24 K/D, 97.2 ADR, and 1.62 rating over the two maps played. Cooper's impact was a major key to Mythic's postseason success, as the 27-year-old finished third in the playoffs with .83 frags per round average over the five matches. Older brother Ryan "freakazoid" Abadir was not far behind him, finishing fifth in the postseason with .82 frags per round.

Mythic was undefeated through the first six games to start the regular season before going on a three-game losing streak that had them facing a 6-3 record. After the skid, Mythic rallied to win three of the final four games to close the season in fourth place with a 10-4 regular-season record. Mythic entered a flow state to begin the playoffs, only losing one map to UYU throughout the five matches played to win first place in ESEA Advanced Season 40 and a direct invite to ESL Challenger League Season 41.

The final standings for ESEA Advanced Season 40 are as follows:

1. United States Mythic - $7,000 (ECL Season 41)
2. United States Unjustified - $4,000 (ECL Season 40 Relegation)
3. United States Philadelphia Liberty - $3,000 (ECL Season 40 Relegation)
4. United States Limitless - $2,000 (ECL Season 40 Relegation)
5. UYU - $1,250 (ECL Season 40 Relegation)
6. Kinship - $750 (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
7-8. InControl - (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
7-8. Big Chillin - (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
9-12. Magic School Bus - (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
9-12. Touch Point - (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
9-12. Levitate - (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
9-12. Infinity - (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
13-16. United States - (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
13-16. Rectify - (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
13-16. Snakes Den - (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
13-16. Omega - (ESEA Advanced Season 41)

The 41st Season of ESEA Advanced, where competing teams will fight for another opportunity at ESL Challenger League, kicks off April 25th.

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