cynic's sudden departure comes five days before the roster lock for ESL Pro League Season 15

cynic ejects from Party Astronauts after central role in bootcamp cancelation; cites "lost faith" in team

Following the news, Jonji laid into cynic for allegedly ruining the team's European bootcamp and an overall lack of effort in practice.

David "cynic" Polster has announced his departure from Party Astronauts after nearly six months with the organization-less team.

cynic's exit from the team comes in the immediate aftermath of Party Astronauts' cancelation of their European bootcamp due to a mixture of incompetence and confusion when navigating Germany's vaccination requirements with an insufficiently vaccinated player.

cynic explained his exit from Party Astronauts with a TwitLonger that expressed his overall lack of faith in the team as a lineup due to a "constant barrage of personal and in-game problems." In particular, he pointed to a lack of resolve from the team to practice beyond the bare minimum which cynic considered "a huge slap in the face" as he considers himself "the hardest worker by a large margin."

Within minutes of cynic posting these comments about his former team, recent addition Jonathan "Jonji" Carey fired back in a series of tweets chastising cynic for a lack of communication in the server, lack of effort in-game, and for allegedly "fuck[ing] an entire team of 5 guys" due to being the unvaccinated player which led to the cancelation of the bootcamp. He also sarcastically wished cynic "good luck on team matchfixers sir," presumably in reference to ChocoCheck who are infamous in the scene for their connection to currently banned matchfixers.

Jonji's comments were immediately rebuked by cynic, who also had a number of barbs in now-deleted tweets. He called out Jonji for his own lack of effort, pointing to Jonji's low hours in game. It is worth mentioning that Jonji only had 18.6 hours in CS:GO for the past two weeks, which is far below cynic's 133.7 hours in the past two weeks.

In the final notable tweet in the back and forth, Jonji did not dispute that his hours were lacking, but argued that he was going to re-commit during the European bootcamp before "some freak had to ruin it." reached out to cynic, Jonji, and Party Astronaut's coach, Joseph "Muenster" Lima to gain more insight into cynic's dramatic departure.

cynic told that the massive disparity in his and Jonji's numbers speak for themselves. Additionally, in his opinion the practice environment was incredibly inefficient, stating "It felt like what we spent 10 hours trying to accomplish what we could have accomplished in 2." When pressed on who was to blame for the degraded team environment, cynic said:

I think it was the fault of the entire team. I definitely could have done more, but I also joined under the premise that I would be able to focus more on myself while the older guys handled the tactical aspects. Obviously it didn't work out that way.

In regards to Jonji's comment about playing with "team matchfixers" cynic said he couldn't say anything specific but noted ChocoCheck are a " likely option" as he looks for a new home.

Jonji, meanwhile, told that he feels the majority of cynic's criticism of the team is invalid because it was when the team were still playing with Gage "Infinite" Green rather than Jonji. He also reiterated that cynic's communication on the team was incredibly poor and he didn't bring anything to the team's practice sessions.

Finally, Muenster lamented cynic's sudden and unexpected exit from the team, stating:

I'll just say him leaving was completely unexpected we had absolutely no idea he was considering something like this especially right before EPL and RMRs.

Notably, the team only has five days to find a new fifth before the roster lock for ESL Pro League Season 15 takes effect.

With cynic out of the picture, Party Astronauts are now:

  • Ben "ben1337" Smith

  • Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue

  • Jonathan "djay" Dallal

  • Jonathan "Jonji" Carey (Stand-in)

  • Joseph "Muenster" Lima (Coach)

Party Astronaut's next outing is set to be against MIBR on February 23rd at 8PM EST, precious little time to bed in a new fifth.

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