Bouchard led the way as Little Bocks bagged their first Cash Cup victory

Little Bocks win ESEA Winter Women’s Cash Cup 3

A hard-fought final sees Little Bocks take their first gold.

Little Bocks have been crowned victors of the third ESEA Winter Women's Cash Cup, narrowly edging out Please Send Help 2-1 in the grand final to earn themselves a $750 payday.

The first round of play bore witness to three matchups, seeing sigma barely manage to move forward after besting OSADIA 16-14 on Vertigo. Meanwhile, Slay pulled off a flawless 16-0 victory over Infamous Girls on Inferno and Please Send Help dispatched of Hot Flash 16-8 on Nuke to guarantee a top four finish.

The first semifinal of the event pitted Little Bocks against sigma in a quick two-map series. Kicking off on Vertigo, Little Bocks were in the driver's seat for most of the affair, starting the game with a 9-6 defensive showing before keeping up the pressure as they walked to a 16-9 victory. Heading to Overpass, things went from bad to worse for sigma as Little Bocks swiftly ran up a 13-2 T-side half. From there, a quick two round statement would be all she wrote for sigma, as Julie "Bouchard" Bouchard and company soon took the map 16-4 to seal the series 2-0.

On the other side of the bracket, Please Send Help and Slay paid a trip to Overpass for the first map, where Please Send Help were the ones who were able to pull away after being neck and neck for most of the game, clinching Overpass 16-12 before heading to Dust2. Once there, a grueling affair unfolded, and it would eventually take double overtime to separate the two, with Please Send Help managing to book their place in the final on the back of a laborious 22-19 scoreline.

The first map of the grand final saw the two teams battle it out on Nuke, where Little Bocks looked poised to steal the show, managing to drum up a solid 10-5 CT-side half. Please Send Help soon answered back in convincing fashion, going on a ten-round spree at the start of their defensive effort to reach match point before posting the remaining round they needed to take their pick of Nuke 16-11.

The final then moved to Little Bocks' pick of Overpass, seeing Joanne "sapphire" Tan and Kimberley "Kimmy" Nelson join forces to spearhead a 9-6 T-side effort by the swap. From there, Please Send Help only put up token resistance, adding just four rounds to their tally before Little Bocks managed to tie the series with a 16-10 scoreline.

Heading to Inferno for the deciding map, a strong T-side enabled Little Bocks to lead early on, posting ten rounds by the turn of the half. Please Send Help were able to add some short-lived sprees to their tally, but the deficit from the first half would be too much to overcome, and Little Bocks soon managed to steal Inferno 16-12 to win the final 2-1.

Little Bocks
2 - 1
Please Send Help
All maps
Little Bocks K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Canada Julie 'Bouchard' Bouchard 62 - 49 +13 80.1 70.4% 1.17
Kimberly 'Kimmy' Nelson 56 - 57 -1 77.0 70.4% 1.14
Canada Joanne 'sapphire' Tan 63 - 59 +4 80.6 72.8% 1.12
Canada Somalie 'smiLey' Audet 63 - 57 +6 84.1 74.1% 1.08
United States Megan 'Kionetta' Kirkland 51 - 56 -5 70.0 69.1% 0.98
Please Send Help K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Charissa 'Senna' Hoang 63 - 61 +2 90.8 74.1% 1.14
Canada Jessica 'JKranny' Kranabetter 0 - 1 -1 - 96.3% 1.00
Canada Jessica 'Jesscas' Ngo 56 - 58 -2 75.7 67.9% 0.99
United States Anna 'garden' Gutierrez 54 - 59 -5 69.9 69.1% 0.97
United States Paula 'paula' Ramanauskas 53 - 59 -6 75.5 58.0% 0.91
United States Tig 'Rice' Simpson 51 - 59 -8 66.6 64.2% 0.88

With Little Bocks' victory, the final standings for the event were:

1. Little Bocks (Bouchard, Kimmy, sapphire, smiLey, Kionetta) - $750
2. Please Send Help (Senna, Jesscas, lovergirl, paula, Rice, JKranny) - $250
3-4. sigma (Tippy, illacat, t4tiana, Follygag, ethaeral)
3-4. Slay (Blender, vanessa, Gloopx, buhnny, PippySippy)
5-7. OSADIA (jenn, Katto, namitA, Vadedia, Burbuja)
5-7. Infamous Girls (Asuka_, LoWerg, Lup1ta, CecilitaZz, Alexe1337)
5-7. Hot Flash (sunnypp, bmax, ShiftWalker, t3h_r0x, Jellilee)

Teams who are interested in signing up for the next ESEA Winter Women's Cash Cup can do so here.

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