8rwscokelines and GOTTA BLAST top ESEA Open and ESEA Intermediate; promoted to ESEA Advanced Season 40

Both teams dropped only two maps throughout their playoff runs.

8rwscokelines and GOTTA BLAST secured first-place finishes in ESEA Open and ESEA Intermediate Season 39, respectively, to secure their spots in ESEA Advanced Season 40 alongside ESEA Main Season 39 winners, Rectify.

8rwscokeline’s journey through ESEA Open Season 39 saw the side narrowly lose 17-19 in the first matchup of the season before going on a tear for the remaining games, winning thirteen maps on the bounce to secure a first-place seed heading into the playoffs. Chase "hyun" Lewis’ squad didn’t relent as the playoffs got underway, securing quick victories in rounds one and two.

After a few hard-fought series thereafter, 8rwscokelines were set to face Shawn "witmer" Taylor’s PEACHES N CREAM in the grand final which turned out to be a contentious series. A grueling 19-16 victory on map one in favor of 8rwscokelines gave way to another arduous affair, this time on Dust2, seeing a 16-13 scoreline be required for hyun and company to clinch the series 2-0 and seal their spot in ESEA Advanced Season 40.

The standings for ESEA Open Season 39 are as follows:

1. 8rwscokelines (hyun, sin, lunar, HEARTEATER, v1c) - $1,000
2. PEACHES N CREAM (dAVE, witmer, Gabie, YuZ, tENSKI) - $600
3-4. Xners Groomsmen (xner, Cryptic, BAx, Swoozy, bwackbewwy) - $400
3-4. VasEbet (stanf1x, Unlucker, A1mbl0ck, Leapo1d, karri, Coach: jimza) - $400
5-8. Guppies With Lasers (DatBoredGuy, Bibby, sharks, Hydrah, maclo) - $200
5-8. ASSTASTIC TO MDL (tripp, r1^, corinthian, stepbro, skip3mylou) - $200
5-8. STONE COLD KILLAS (Fraqv, KSwag, KarlWho, BigBootyLuke, Peewee) - $200
5.8. glizzy gladeatirs (Feniix, Koslap, BudFly, mick, eazy) - $200

8rwscokelines have booked their ticket to ESEA Advanced, whilst the remaining seven best teams will be participating in ESEA Main Season 40 starting January 31st.

Over in ESEA Intermediate, GOTTA BLAST easily dispatched of most of their opponents, losing only two games out of fourteen during the regular season. Heading into the playoffs on the back of a seven match win-streak, GOTTA BLAST navigated the bracket with ease, with their matchup versus fourth seed Sigma Males proving to be their most difficult obstacle, requiring a full-distance first map and a trip to overtime on the second being needed to separate the two.

Heading into the grand final against "henny prices", the two teams would end up requiring a full three-map series to determine a winner. After initially losing 13-16 on the first map, GOTTA BLAST managed to compose themselves, dominating their opponents 16-7 and 16-9 on the final two maps to complete the reverse sweep and secure their ESEA Advanced berth.

The final standings for ESEA Intermediate Season 39 were:

1. GOTTA BLAST (Kennan, Domestic, Panda, z0mb1e, hammeh) - $2,000
2. henny prices (uaeb, godzu, smooth, LAY, highonCTE) - $1,300
3-4. NotFedEx (ConnorRF, Friendle, Marshallese, pekka, Tboc13) - $900
3-4. LUCKI fans (wad, Kage, Limes, Classic, dank) - $900
5-8. Fraggin for Mikey (klimy, CoNnOrR93, coal, phant0m, Lkw, Coach: Amero) - $300
5-8. Sigma Males (Ferrada, serv0, Kasta, YpracDemon, ochocinco) - $300
5-8. just italian (FAME, yuNii, jL3, mirij, Karim3) - $300
5-8. God Complex (spek, JokerX, CorrupT, Monstar, Peeping) - $300

Similar to ESEA Open Season 39, GOTTA BLAST will be promoted straight to ESEA Advanced Season 40 whilst the remaining seven teams will be participating in the next season of ESEA Main with both leagues slated to begin on January 31st.

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January 15, 2022 12:33PM
Really strong placing from xner’s groomsmen even thought they have the best player in open (xner)
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January 15, 2022 02:59PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Good Job to them
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January 15, 2022 11:20PM
xner is playing with me in im next season. drop the report
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