felps will once again compete in NA

INTZ acquire NoTag; to play in EPL NA

INTZ are going international with a move to NA.

INTZ have announced the signing of NoTag, the core of whom were formerly known as Não Tem Como during Lincoln "fnx" Lau's tenure with the roster. The team will inherit SK's spot in ESL Pro League for the upcoming season, while the fate of the organization's ECS slot remains unknown.

The NoTag roster have been on the hunt for an organization ever since their deal with SK supposedly fell through following their exits from ESL One: Belo Horizonte 2018 and the Americas Minor. The team are now set to move to North America as the start of ESL Pro League is mere days away, kicking off on October 2nd. 

Dust2.us knows that INTZ intends to continue fielding their local Brazilian lineup, albeit under a different name that has yet to be revealed. 

INTZ's roster consists of:

  • Brazil João "felps" Vasconcellos
  • Brazil Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe
  • Brazil Marcelo "chelo" Cespedes
  • Brazil João "horvy" Horvath
  • Brazil Alexandre "xand" Zizi (On loan)
  • Brazil Alessandro "Apoka" Marcucci (Coach)

INTZ's first match in ESL Pro League will see them face off against MIBR on October 5th, pitting João "felps" Vasconcellos up against three of his former teammates. The team will also be competing in upcoming online qualifiers, adding another Brazilian team to the mix.

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September 27, 2018 11:00PM
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September 27, 2018 11:04PM
ayyy they got horvy ez
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September 27, 2018 11:11PM
cant wait for this team to go 3-21!
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September 27, 2018 11:24PM
is that my mm score
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September 28, 2018 12:36AM
yes men))))))))))))))))
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September 29, 2018 06:36PM
you now me on smoke nice))))))))))))))))))))))
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September 28, 2018 01:33AM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
SK: this SP team looks good and has well known players on it. Good building point!
INTZ: $$ btw we are signing those players you passed up on
SK: you had me at $$
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September 28, 2018 06:44AM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Not the worst line up the SK spot could have gone to I guess.
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September 28, 2018 06:44AM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
INTZ pretty well known in League of Legends, dunno about this team’s performance though. Hope things go well.
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