This guy hasn't played in anything lower than Pro/MDL since Season 14, and even then, it was one game of Open.

Monstars get dunked on; unofficially declared dead by team

NA CS is back at it again boys.

The players in the Monstars lineup have been in an "LFT" state for some time now, with David "Xp3" Garrido's announcement on Twitter dating back to August 20th. Currently, Xp3 and Austin "crashies" Roberts have held the team's slot in the MDL, while the status of the team continued to ride in limbo. has learned from Xp3 that the team is now in fact dead.

There's not much to say other than our team died, we tried to rebuild, it didn't happen so it's more like we died than saying we're letting the spot die.

Xp3 cited the unreliable nature of organizations in the MDL scene due to the ridiculous scaling between the MDL and Professional levels.  Due to "being screwed by orgs", he finds it hard to keep gas in the tank to keep playing, and sees no point on holding on to the spot with a pug. Despite this, Xp3 still has the motivation to play, as long as it is with "the right group".

After the departures of Alex "aproto" Protopapas, Dylan "RIKO" Sabin-Arnce, and Ian "Tex" Botsch, it had seemed that Monstars were preparing to move forwards with Jason "neptune" Tran, Leonardo "Laski" Arroyo and Ali "phantom" Sachs, who were all on the team's ESEA roster as of September 4th. But a mere day later, all three had been cut.

The roster spot is up in the air, and it is unclear what measures will be taken to fill out the slot and round out the number of teams in the league. However, with the relegation tournament recently finishing, ESEA could potentially choose to bring up the event's next runner-up — Colombian team VAULT.

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September 8, 2018 09:58AM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Hopefully they fill the spot with someone that deserves it.
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September 8, 2018 05:26PM
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September 8, 2018 05:35PM
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Rest in peace
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September 8, 2018 09:51PM
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Dust2 Birthday cake!
Crashes and Tex hold spot ez
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