Toy and food have played together off and on

Toy: "Want to focus on real life for a bit"

The former Method player has quit CS so many times, but keeps coming back.

We caught up with David "Toy" Han this past weekend, and talked to the RESOLUTE player about recent changes in the team, his career as a whole, and what is next for him.

You're here playing with your RESOLUTE.aZn or Asian Invasion mix, how is that going so far?

So far so good, except for our match against Hooked.

Coming into the event, who were the teams you were looking out for?

Probably ownage, Swole Patrol, oNe, Gorilla Gang.

What do you think of Gorilla Gang taking out oNe in the upper bracket?

We didn't really see that as an upset, to be honest. If anything, we thought Gorilla Gang was much better than oNe. So it wasn't a surprise. Maybe to some people, it was an upset.

Coming out of Season 28, you've already had some roster changes, parting ways with 4sh0t and Jonji. It looks like TenZ will be making his way out of the roster as well... how are you approaching this period between seasons?

Well, everything was so sudden, so we are still trying to figure out what to do. Me and food's main focus is just focusing on Frag, and going forward from them.

What do you have to say about s0m? Obviously he has gotten a lot of attention as a streamer, in Rank S/FPL, and with the compLexity signing.

To be honest, at first I didn't think he was that good. But then I saw him play FPL more, a couple matches here and there, I saw he improved from when I first saw him. He's a potential pick up, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Let's go way back in the day, to when you had some stand-in appearances for teams like Cloud9 and CLG. They never really manifested into anything. What do you attribute that to?

To be honest, I kinda started hating the game. I really just lost the drive to play after that Method season. I took a break. I came back after like two seasons, and we did well in Premier with Rush. I don't know. Even when I came back, I never found that same level of skill that I had.

Can you talk about what happened with Rush and potential sponsors during that Pro League season?

All I can say is we were supposed to sign with... I guess it doesn't matter, we were supposed to sign with Dignitas. They gave us an offer, and we pretty much agreed upon an offer, after a couple conversations. Then we started the season without being signed, we played against Cloud9 and SK, going 0-4. After that, they kind of dropped the offer on us right now. When that happened, we put ourselves out there but no one picked us up.

Do you have any advice for teams or players who might be in a similar situation?

Definitely don't try to hold out for a higher offer, if you get a nice offer, take it. But also just take care of yourself, be prepared. Even if it is a well-known organization, you want to protect yourself first.

Talk to me about food a little bit, because you've played with him previously on your collegiate team, and now he has been making waves in FPL.

I actually tried him out on Rush, like a year and a half ago, when Rush was still kinda building, and he wasn't that good. But that is how I met him, and found out we went to the same school. We were like "oh, let's make a team", and we won the college tournament. Since then, he has improved and become like ten times the player he was back then. I mean, he's grinding FPL every day. It is paying off.

Do you think there is a real chance for collegiate CS:GO to grow into a bonafide thing? Or will other events always trump the university ones.

I think the collegiate events can be their own things, it isn't like everyone in CS still goes to school. I think it creates a different level of competition. And my experience is that it has been growing. The first season we had 32 teams in playoffs, and this year we had way more.

You were a member of the last Denial squad before they fled under ground, is there any update on that situation?

I haven't heard anything in a couple months now. We got ourselves a lawyer to handle the situation and gave our information, but since then it hasn't come to anything. No word from Denial (Robbie).

Speaking of Denial, one of your former teammates from that team, dapr, has found his way to eUnited and Pro League. What can you say about his growth since you played with him?

We always knew he had the skill to be a Pro League player, because his aim is insane. The only problem with him was his attitude. We told him if he fixed that, he would be a great player on any team. The fact that he is on eUnited means that he probably fixed those issues, and it is paying off.

As you alluded to earlier, your motivation and desire to play this game has waxed on and off. When do you think you'll finally call it a career?

To be honest, I quit after Denial. I was playing Intermediate with a bunch of old dudes from New York 3D, Ksharp, MiLLER, Lin, Rector. I pretty much quit for two seasons. Just this past season food asked if I wanted to play MDL, so I did. As for a last hurrah, I don't know. I kind of want to quit already, because I've quit so many times, so I can do it again. Its my last semester in school, I kinda want to focus on real life for a bit.

Toy and RESOLUTE finished their tournament in 9-12th after being eliminated by ownage. Word on the composition of the team moving forward is expected to come before the start of the new MDL season.

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