The flopster in his natural habitat

floppy: "I think we can easily make [MDL S29] playoffs"

The Vision star shouted out his organization for providing great meals and jerseys.

We caught up with Ricky "floppy" Kemery at Fragadelphia before his team commenced their playoff campaign. Topics ranged from his in-game leader, to previous teams, to his future, and more.

First off, how has the event been so far for you and your team?

Well we had like a three hour delay, and that wasn't fun, because kaboose's config was just broken, it was actually his autoexec, but yeah. So that ruined things, and then Spongey's computer just crashed and he had to get two different new ones. Other than that, things have been ok.

You've been performing well individually, how does it feel to be on LAN?

The group stages were fine, we all just played our part, had a lot of ecos of course. We just have to keep doing what we're doing and focus up today.

You've been playing in MDL for nearly double digit seasons at this point, but never found your way onto one of the top teams until recently. What do you attribute that to?

When I first joined MDL, I was sixteen years old, I was honestly just playing the game for fun, I didn't think it was something that I could actually go pro in. I had a lot to learn, I thought I knew a lot more than I did. After playing with teams like Torqued and trying out for multiple teams, I've learned a lot, and used that to my advantage to wind up here.

Your spell on Torqued was relatively brief, but were you able to pick up a lot in that time from steel?

Yeah, Josh taught me a lot about the game. I use my brain a lot more. Ever since I joined Rank S, I've learned a lot more  — it really opened my eyes and mind up to how the game is supposed to be played.

Next season of MDL will obviously be a promotion season. How do you feel about your chances to be in the running for one of those spots?

After this season - obviously we did really well, made playoffs and MDL finals - depending on how good the teams are next season, I know oNe will probably be in MDL next season. I think we can easily make playoffs, I don't see us not making it. We can easily do it. We might get at team house as well, so we can actually bootcamp and really grind out next season.

F1-racecar-PEEK went without an organization for some time, can you speak to what kind of support Vision is giving to you guys?

We get salaried, of course, all our flights are paid for and stuff like that. The jerseys are the best part, in my opinion, I like the jerseys. We just got those today. Vision does a lot for us, buy us lunch while we're here, etc. I like our manager, he cooks us breakfast. And then Austin, our owner, is a pretty chill guy as well.

How long do you see this phase of your life going on?

I think it depends on whether or not a different game comes out. There's rumors of Riot Games making an FPS. As of right now I'm just going to keep playing CS, and whatever happens happens.

Who are some of the teams you are really looking out for here as we get deeper into bracket play?

Probably ownage, and either oNe or Swole Patrol  — probably oNe.

What do you think of the recent roster changes happening in Swole Patrol and Dignitas?

I think they are at a disadvantage coming to this event, because they don't have much practice. I don't think they'll play bad, but I think it will make it easier for us because we can exploit their weaknesses since they don't have strong setups and strats.

Can you talk a bit about lanhero and his style as a leader?

Yeah, lanhero is a good caller, man. He keeps us calm as well, whenever we lose a shitty round or something like that. He helps us chill about it and focus up, keep our eyes on the game and get back into it. We've done that multiple times for instance at Tokyo in Tulsa against BlackOut.

Vision are currently awaiting more matches to be played in the lower bracket, after falling to Excelerate in the upper bracket.

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August 4, 2018 08:24PM
if riot makes an FPS im pretty sure floppy would be like the first person blacklisted from the pro scene in that game. if riot just went bankrupt that would be better for everyone
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