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Report: Spacestation set to release team; exit CS:GO
After seven months Spacestation appear ready to decommission their CS:GO team.
Written by: Mnmzzz    May 13th 2019 8:24 pm    #Spacestation #ECS #Snakes #Grim #DAVEY #Oderus #gMd #Mauisnake   

DAVEY and company will reportedly be looking for a new organization by the end of the month

According to Jarek "DeKay" Lewis in his recent "Sources Say", Spacestation are planning on releasing their CS:GO team within the next few weeks. can corroborate this story, with sources saying that Spacestation are planning on exiting CS:GO following the conclusion of ECS Season 7.

Spacestation blasts off with AZIO's former roster

Spacestation initially entered CS:GO back in October 2018 when they acquired AZIO's roster after the players left AZIO due to numerous contractual issues. When Spacestation acquired AZIO's team, the organization also gained spots in ECS and MDL. At the end of Season 6, Spacestation was relegated from ECS following a 3-15 regular season although the recent changes have allowed them to play in every week of Season 7 thus far. 

gMd cleared for takeoff, joins Spacestation

Outside of their ECS appearances, Spacestation have struggled to claim notable online or offline victories, with their sole LAN appearance being a last place finish at the WESG 2018 USA qualifier. 

Spacestation's roster for the time being is:

  • us Ryan "Snakes" Amann
  • us Michael "Grim" Wince
  • ca David "DAVEY" Stafford
  • us Chad "Oderus" Miller
  • ca Anthony "gMd" Guimond
  • us Alex "Mauisnake" Ellenberg (Coach)

When reached out to the organization and the players for comment, no reply was given, although the players changed their Steam avatars to no longer feature the Spacestation logo early last week.

m1cks jettisons off Spacestation and goes Rogue

#1 verizon
2019-05-13 20:48
plz for the love of god nobody else pay oderus a salary to play cs
#2 iceberg
2019-05-13 20:55
#3 Joe
2019-05-13 21:12
shame they never ended up doing much
#4 DiSCO
2019-05-14 00:21
shame gMd never became the player he shouldve because I'd he did this team would've been nuts
#6 tolkienfanatic
2019-05-14 13:07
Really don't think it is fair to put the state of things on one player
#7 DiSCO
2019-05-26 01:04
didnt mean for it to sound like that

also only got this notification right now so u might wanna check whats up
#5 parks2214
2019-05-14 12:49
big rip
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