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leaf leaves Rugratz
The remainder of the team's future is uncertain as the release of VALORANT looms. Read more.
Yeah to eFire grand final as Alcoholics Anonymous fall off the wagon
The Brazilians beat the MDL side to secure a berth and one map advantage in the best-of-five grand final.
1d 16h 14m
Orgless bring on Tailored for remainder of Flashpoint 1
The former Envy manager and analyst has been helping Orgless for around a week.
1d 22h 26m
RBG, SKDC, Polar Ace South, Super Nova eliminated in Advanced playoffs lower bracket
Only twelve teams remain in the hunt for the direct promotion spot to MDL.
2d 15h 27m
Rank S Recap - Swish[er] and flick
Swisher takes top honors in Rank S while Turismo and Brian2K share Rank G's throne.
5d 9h 1m
Big Frames lose shonk and picky
The first roster move of the off-season has seen Big Frames lose their two newest members.
5d 13h 9m
FPL-[C] Recap - ShahZaM and riku shelter in (first) place
The unsigned AWPer capitalized on his social distancing this week for a $3,000 profit while riku topped FPL-C.
5d 17h 50m
Buffdaddy's Paypal Team, Faint, ETHEREAL continue Advanced playoffs upper bracket ascent
The top 3 seeded teams have continued their ascent through the upper bracket.
6d 10h 18m
ESEA announce Season 34 details; no Global Challenge
The 34th season of the ESEA league will not offer promotion to ESL Pro League, and will take place entirely online.
2020-03-21 20:06  |  4
Prospects, RBG, Super Nova fall to lower bracket after first round of Advanced playoffs
While it was smooth sailing for the majority of top teams, a number of squads now find themselves in danger of early elimination.
2020-03-20 19:59
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