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Extra Salt dispatch Party Astronauts to win ESEA Summer Cash Cup 7
A three-map slugfest went the Salters way following a 99 round series. Read more.
Jonji exits Bad News Bears
The former Chaos player leaves the project after a tumultuous exit from DreamHack Open September.
1d 7h 45m
Upmind: "I've tried to tell [upcoming casters] to get the hell out honestly"
Upmind says that the scene is currently unsustainable for NA's upcoming domestic talent.
1d 17h 46m  |  5
Sextet of teams punch tickets to IEM Season XVI: Fall 2021
Only Strife and RBG finished on the outside looking in.
4d 17h 16m
Triumph and Mythic qualify to DreamHack Open September
Triumph's new look lineup made a strong impression as they head to their first tournament with xCeeD.
5d 9h 1m
GooseBreeder: "It makes more sense for women to play in female teams right now because they have a lot more opportunities"
She argues that players need the stability of female-centric orgs to develop their skills.
6d 8h 22m
JoJo: "[Slugy]'s one of the more skilled players I've played with"
JoJo said Slugy has great potential if he can refine his in-game mentality.
2021-09-18 21:41  |  2
paiN best Extra Salt to claim BLAST Premier Fall Showdown spot
The Brazilians are set to head to Europe for the first time in more than two years.
2021-09-17 20:33
Strife co-owner: "I want organizations to pick up these teams and make a difference"
The new organization is stepping into ESEA Premier with stability and perseverance in mind.
2021-09-17 14:38  |  1
Triumph lose RZU but are still looking to xCeeD expectations
Yet another roster change for the familiar yet embattled brand.
2021-09-16 23:24  |  2
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