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mOE leaves subtLe, summit and a2z join
The ultimate meme team is born. Read more.
ryan not strong enough for Swole Patrol
Looking to mix it up a bit, Swole Patrol have chopped and changed the roster about.
11h 4m  |  5
nak: "I was thinking that it would be easier but a lot of teams have improved [in Brazil]"
The Sharks leader sat down with us to talk about his team's performances, playing in Europe and the strength of Brazilian CS:GO.
13h 18m  |  1
ImAPet joins NRG as Immi departs
After a failure to secure a visa, the Brit mutually parts ways with the organization he saw brief success with.
16h 31m  |  3
StarSeries i-League Season 5 Finals first round drawn
With the 16-team event set to commence in a week's time, the first round of Swiss matches have been drawn.
23h 12m  |  1
eUnited dazzle Swole Patrol to win Gfinity Winter Series 2018
A repeat 2-0 in the grand finals over Swole Patrol secures the newly appointed EPL team $8,000.
1d 8h 46m  |  1
Dignitas replace Voltage and a2z with Infinite and ryx
Two new additions mark the return of Dignitas to ESEA's MDL this week.
1d 10h 54m  |  7
Não Tem Como defeat FURIA to claim Americas Minor spot
The first step of the motley crew of Brazilians returning to a Major is complete.
1d 14h 4m
Liquid fall to Astralis 3-1 in EPL grand final
After getting destroyed on the opening map of Dust2, the North Americans acquitted themselves well, despite the loss.
1d 14h 38m  |  2
daps: "[Immi] definitely had some thoughts of going back to playing"
We caught NRG after their result in Dallas to talk about their play and other NRG topics.
1d 16h 42m
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