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ryx: "If things go according to plan we will be back into Pro League"
The Dignitas rifler is staying realistic about his teams chances in London, but has no shortage of confidence about where they stand among their league competition.
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ryx provided some thoughtful responses on how things are going in the Dignitas camp

Michael "Duck" Moriarty caught up with Dignitas member Ronnie "ryx" Bylicki ahead of the teams first match in London. ryx spoke on how Dignitas are approaching the event, how he thinks they stack up against the higher tier North American teams, and their current MDL campaign.

What are your expectations for this event?

Our expectations are just to get better as a team and hopefully upset some teams. Everyone is looking to make the Major, but realistically we just want to try and upset, and if it happens it happens. We feel like we're a darkhorse team, and we an definitely win a couple BO1s against whoever we play.

This is the teams first offline event in this iteration, does that allow you to play without pressure, or maybe will help you get wins over teams who wouldn't expect you to be a threat?

Actually I talked about it before we even traveled to London, I said that there's no pressure on anyone, no one is getting cut or has to feel pressure about performing. We're here to have fun — no one thought we were going to be here. If we win, that is amazing, if we lose, it isn't the end of the world, it's just a growing experience.

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You yourself have been on a handful of teams in the past, do you believe that with the backing Dignitas have, do you believe your team will be able to have a period of stability?

Before ptr and I joined the team we talked with [Dignitas General Manager] ODEE, and we're not looking to make roster changes for at least six months, even if things are going absolutely terrible. We want to try and keep this starting five for at least a year — six months to a year, and see how far we can go. We've been getting better day by day and just want to keep it going.

In terms of the North American teams here, yours is notable in that you aren't in EPL or ECS. How much of a focus are you putting into getting into those online leagues?

Me and ptr joined when the team had already been relegated, but that is our main goal, getting back into Pro League by the end of this year. We have to deal with two MDL seasons, right now we are 9-0. Things are going pretty smooth, so if things go according to plan we will be back into Pro League.

Do you see your perfect season continuing, even into the playoffs, and being crowned the best team in MDL?

So I've actually won the league three times with three different lineups, two of the times we were undefeated. (Editor's note: Only ryx's Season 18 went undefeated. Echo Fox went 15-1 in Season 22.) So it is nothing new here for me. If we just stick to the basics and the fundamentals, we will go undefeated. We practice against a lot of the MDL teams and we always smoke them, its not really a competition. I do think we will go undefeated, but in BO1s, you can get upset, a loss will happen. But if we lose a couple it isn't the end of the world. I think we will win this league, and then we have to play it again, sadly, which kinda sucks.

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Your online qualifier performances lately haven't been too great, aside from the Minor Closed Qualifier that brought you here. Do you see that changing in the near future?

In  practice we play a lot of these teams and we can beat them on a map or two. We're pretty consistent in not getting demolished by the top tier competition, so I think we just need some more time, and we'll start qualifying for more of these events.

Your group for this event is compLexity, Rogue, and FURIA. How much preparation have you put into facing these teams?

We've been preparing for Rogue and compLexity, and played compLexity a bunch online and know their tendencies. In terms of thinking we're going to beat them, we're confident, but like I said we are using this more for practice and just to see how after a month and a half of playing together things transition to LAN.

If you essentially have a miracle run here and make top two, what would that feel like for you and your team?

Well, to me it would probably be the biggest accomplishment of my career, I haven't attended a Major yet. It is something I've always dreamed of. It would be great for the organization and the players. This is the biggest thing in Counter-Strike.

Americas Minor groups and first round matchups revealed

Despite a promising start against Rogue, Dignitas dropped their opening match in London. They now await the Group B elimination match, which will come against the Brazilians of FURIA.

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