Detonate release Advanced roster while eyeing ECL return

Detonate have parted with their current to find a more high profile squad.

On June 9th, Detonate released their ESEA Advanced roster after eight months representing the Atlanta-based organization in Counter-Strike 2.The roster can trace its origins back to Detonate's academy team, which was promoted to be Detonate's sole roster in October 2023 following the demise of the organization's previous squad under Spencer "Pugg" Moore.

During Patrick "Tr1ck" Stanton and co.'s time as Detonate's premier roster they ultimately failed to find their footing and make their way out of ESEA Advanced, with the three seasons they played seeing the team win between five and six matches. This is despite the team making a number of changes in their time together, replacing Tyson "FuuuZion" Acosta-Sanchez and Jason "Enzo" Agaliotis with Dan "dirtydan" Beck and JD "Toasty" Hill while also adding Teric "Bibby" Ingram as coach.

Detonate's owner, Levoski Brown, told that the main impetus for releasing the squad is a desire for the organization to host an ESL Challenger League team once more as the organization did between November 2022 and April 2023. While Brown says he offered the now-released squad the opportunity to become an academy team once again, they declined leaving them to enter free agency.

Detonate consisted of:

  • United States Patrick "Tr1ck" Stanton

  • United States Jacob "GibbyATL" Gibby

  • United States Tyler "Ravenzs" Kibec

  • United States Dan "dirtydan" Beck

  • United States JD "Toasty" Hill

  • United States Terric "Bibby" Ingram (Trial Coach)

Detonate will look to fulfill their ambition to sign an ESL Challenger League team ahead of the start of Season 48 on July 15th.

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