LAG lose one as based decamps to Serbia

The Serbian-American player will be out of the country at a pivotal time for the team.

LAG have announced the departure of Luka "based" S. from their roster, seeing the Serbian-American player leave his most successful team to date after seven months under the organization. based's departure from LAG is a result of the player's decision to spend a number of months in Serbia, seeing him miss the start of ESL Challenger League Season 48 and other important events post-player break, necessitating a replacement.

based's tenure with LAG saw the team rise from being a novel European-American mix in ESEA Advanced to a playoffs-caliber squad in ESL Challenger League, with the squad punching above their weight and collecting numerous wins over well-established ECL squads to post a 13-15 record in the ECL S47 regular season. based undoubtedly played a role in this success as he maintained a stable 1.04 rating over 32 maps in the league, with a number of key performances helping to power LAG to wins over the likes of Wildcard and Elevate.

As such, LAG will struggle to a degree to find a replacement for the player. However, with the cutoff date for rankings points for the Perfect World Shanghai Major RMRs rapidly approaching on August 15th, LAG will need to hit the ground running post-player break with a player in America if they want any chance of being invited to the Americas RMR.

LAG are now:

  • Bodgan "ogwizard" Savula

  • Deniz "experative" Mutlum

  • United States Quinn "Nyyx" Knott

  • United States Nick "nicx" Lee

  • United States Taylor "ioRascal" Hays (Coach)

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