Lore's all-Ukrainian squad disbands

The unique ESEA Advanced squad has met its end.

On June 9th, Illya "supa" Filanchuk announced that Lore had disbanded and that he would be searching for individual offers. Dust2.us has confirmed the unique all-Ukrainian squad has disbanded, leaving the individual players to search for new homes for ESEA Advanced Season 50.

supa told Dust2.us that the squad elected to disband as one of the players received a job offer and would be unable to play next season. While the loss of one player wouldn't regularly lead a team to disband, supa says the lineup decided to fold as the roster was formed specifically to play with this five-man lineup as it was all-Ukrainian which allowed the team to communicate in their native tongue.

This short-lived second foray into CS by Lore saw their squad make ESEA Advanced Season 49 playoffs before being eliminated in 17th-24th place following losses to Strife and Kinship. Outside of the ESEA Advanced, things were largely uneventful for Lore, with the team recently exiting CCT Season 2 North American Series #1 with a 1-3 record, with their sole win being a forfeit win over Retirement Home.

Lore consisted of:

  • Illya "supa" Filanchuk

  • Nazar "H0NeST" Stefinko

  • Volodymyr "Bezymeccc" Slobodian

  • Anton "Mak" Karpunin

  • Eduard "nico1ajus" Kuchynskyi

ESEA Advanced Season 50 is set to start on July 14th.

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June 16, 2024 07:52PM
wont they just have to communicate in English with their new teams?
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