Limitless release Angels Impact roster due to reduced LAN spots for NA

Who could have seen this coming, except for everyone.

Limitless have announced their departure from the ESL Impact scene while releasing the remaining members of their Limitless Angels squad. The organization entered the women's scene in February 2024 with the signing of Lotus, who had recently entered free agency following the merger of Tsunami and Detonate.

In the announcement, Limitless cited the reduced number of NA spots in the next ESL Impact LAN Finals as the "sole" reason for their departure from the women's scene. Next season of ESL Impact will only have a single spot for North America in the LAN Finals, creating a crowded field with FlyQuest RED and TSM Shimmer being the heavy favorites to top the NA league.

Limitless' time in the Impact scene saw their Angels squad find modest success, with the team finishing the online portion of ESL Impact Season 5 in fourth place while also reaching the finals of multiple Impact Cash Cups. Overall, while the team was unable to find a breakthrough against either of NA Impact's top teams they were one of the stronger NA Impact teams during their four months together.

However, more recently the team has struggled to maintain a consistent roster, with Robin "rbn" Bondari and Kiki "PiggyKiki" Long leaving the roster in April while Daria "daria" Anokhina became a content creator in May. This required the team to field multiple stand-ins for their final events together, something that likely contributed to Limitless' lack of enthusiasm for the future of their Angels roster.

Limitless Angels' final two players on their books were:

  • United States Mira "mira" Luna

  • United States Lydia "Fawx" Dalton has reached out to a representative of Limitless to ask why the organization chose to enter the scene in February 2024 when ESL made the allocation changes public in November 2023 however we have not heard back by the time of publication.

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