Falcons play in the lower bracket

Snappi: "We are not a superteam"

Falcons stay alive for day two of IEM Dallas.

Falcons ended day one of IEM Dallas on a positive note, defeating Monte to stay alive despite dropping an early game to the Stewie2k version of G2. With only BO3s remaining, potential remains for Falcons to make the playoffs of IEM Dallas. After the second game, Dust2.us' Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore spoke with Falcon's IGL Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer to talke about the team, their new members, and any potential pressure on the team.

How do you feel about that win over the new Monte squad?

It's a win that we should be getting. They're a new squad, we've played with dupreeh for two months, so it's a win that we're expected to get. We still make too many mistakes in afterplant situations. We need to talk about the mindset we get into when we're in the clutch. Also against G2, we should have won if we're a little bit better in the clutch.

It's mistakes that are unforced errors, peeking when we shouldn't, we're all so experienced we shouldn't be making these mistakes. We need to get better at that, it's a talk we're going to have. Apart from that, decent day despite the early loss and bad play against G2.

A recent addition to your coaching staff is trochu, who was your analyst back on ENCE. Was that a big factor in adding him to the squad?

For me, it's really important. I like him, I trust him a lot. We had him for 2.5 years back on ENCE. He came in really green, but I would say me and sAw educated him a lot. He was already really smart, but we pushed him into showing us what we wanted in counter every time. He has a really good mind for CS, he was a semi-pro in the Polish scene, but in his own words, he didn't have the individual level to pursue the dream, so instead he went into this. He really likes the tactical part of CS. Getting him is super important for me.

We got him after the Major, he was with ENCE until then. This is the third tournament with him now, what he does is super important for both me and zonic, because it takes a lot of stress out of us, so we don't have to prep everything. I can focus a lot more on myself, zonic can focus more on the team overall, and trochu can go in and do a lot of the counter and take a lot of the work off our shoulders. I love working with Maks.

We had a chance to talk to hAdji earlier today and he mentioned that when he was on Falcons, there was stress and expectations to find quick results for the organizations. Do you agree with his comment or do you think the organization has given you runway to find results?

There is a lot of trust in the process from the Falcons organization. There is no pressure, I would say. Also the whole 'superteam' thing is kinda stupid because that was when people were thinking about NiKo and m0nesy, which are superstars. Obviously, we ended up with some really good players, SunPayus was really good in 2023, but I don't think we have a superstar team like other teams. We need to do it by committee.

You can see in Spirit they have donk, sh1ro, in FaZe they have like three guys or something, they have Spinx and ZywOo in Vitality, they have NiKo and m0nesy in G2, I would say we are not a superteam. It's more of the rumors that people say it, but we are not a superteam.

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