IEM Dallas config misconfigured for new loss bonus

The new defusal loss bonus was not present for the first day of IEM Dallas.

In the newest major Counter-Strike update, Valve made a few changes to the economy, such as lowering incendiary grenade and M4A4 prices as well as a new, reduced loss bonus for T-sides losing the round while planting the bomb.

Previously, terrorists would get an $800 bonus for planting the bomb in a round that ended with a CT-defusal. The update changed that $800 bonus into a $600 bonus, theoretically reducing the advantage the T-side economy has on counter-terrorists.

However, it appears that this economic update has not been reflected in the first day of IEM Dallas, with numerous occasions of teams receiving $800 bonus instead of the game-specified $600.

as well as the example tweeted by Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer:

There have been 38 rounds in the first day of IEM Dallas thus far where this config error affected the economy of the game. and HLTV have confirmed that ESL are aware of the issue.

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