What can our Magician pull out?

What to expect from Liquid v. 9z

Could Liquid earn an early qualification?

I don't think many would have forseen this as a possible scenario. Liquid and 9z are playing for a spot in the playoffs for IEM Dallas tonight in a match that many thought would have been Complexity v. MOUZ. It's like an uno-reverse card and we're all pretty shocked at what lies before us. Liquid, even given their roster issues, could be on the best run of form they've had since the creation of this roster.

Keep it rolling

Quarterfinals in Malta, Finals in CCT Global Finals, and now they are just one very lucky step away from playoffs for the third event in a row. It's like when everything appears to be falling apart, Liquid are someone putting it all together.

  • NAF & Twistzz are infallible, combined for +20 K-D diff vs Complexity

  • skullz is finally showing up, 1.22 rating vs Complexity

  • Can cadiaN still be an effective leader when his team wants him gone?

9zooming to the moon

Beating the world's best team was not on anyone's bingo card, but they've done it and now they are close to the playoffs as South America's lone representative here in Texas. Can the spanish-speaking squad break some expectations and take down a Liquid in crisis that is also playing some of the best Counter-Strike they've played in recent weeks?

  • No insight, HUASOPEEK is just a great name

  • dgt is this team's lynchpin, 1.22 rating over the past three months

  • MartinezSa's AWP will be critical against a strict Liquid

Previous Matchups

These two squads have never played one another.

Likely Vetoes

Well, both teams play Dust2 and both teams hate Vertigo, so it's all about who is going to blink first.

  • Liquid bans Nuke (Permaban)

  • 9z bans Vertigo (Permaban)

  • Liquid picks Anubis (strong, comfortable map)

  • 9z picks Dust2 (Good upset potential vs a stronger team)

  • Decider is Inferno (Both teams enjoy)

You can catch the qualification match tonight at 08:30PM.

1 - 2
All maps
Liquid K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Canada Keith 'NAF' Markovic 55 - 44 +11 74.5 73.3% 1.15
Mareks 'YEKINDAR' Gaļinskis 54 - 49 +5 73.1 69.3% 1.15
Canada Russel 'Twistzz' Van Dulken 49 - 52 -3 69.9 72.0% 0.94
Denmark Casper 'cadiaN' Møller 41 - 53 -12 65.2 73.3% 0.94
Brazil Felipe 'skullz' Medeiros 40 - 50 -10 62.0 66.7% 0.87
9z K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Antonio 'MartinezSa' Martinez 62 - 47 +15 84.5 81.3% 1.38
Matias 'HUASOPEEK' Ibañez Hernandez 53 - 47 +6 68.3 76.0% 1.11
Franco 'dgt' Garcia 54 - 48 +6 73.9 65.3% 1.06
Maximiliano 'max' Gonzalez 42 - 50 -8 72.4 74.7% 1.00
Nicolás 'buda' Kramer 37 - 50 -13 65.9 70.7% 0.91

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